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you need a clutch that's all

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Q: What is wrong with my transmission my truck won't shift gears when the engine is on it will shift with engine off the clutch does not work?
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What does a clutch do?

It disengages the engine from the driveshaft allowing you to shift the gears on your transmission.

Is clutch and shift the same thing?

No. Clutch is what disengages the motor from the transmission. Shift would be changing gears. You should depress the clutch to shift from one gear to another.

What is a manual transmission?

It's a transmission where the gears do not change themselves, but have to be changed with a gear shift and a clutch.

Why are All the gears grinding in manual transmission and i can't shift?

You have not pressed the Clutch peddle to change the gears!!

What is a transmission clutch?

a clutch is a disc that pulls the drivetrain away from the gears so you can shift and select another gear.

Why does a car start but not shift gears?

You either need a new transmission or a new clutch.

Why does the clutch pedal on your pick up feel soft and its harder to shift gears?

If you have a pickup that has a soft clutch and its harder to shift gears you probably have a problem with your transmission. You should check your transmission fluid, make sure its full, and if that doesn't help you will have to take it to a mechanic.

Just replaced a tranny. Is it normal for the shift lever to be able to shift into all gears without the clutch being depressed. Something to do with the clutch slave cylinder pressure from bleeding?

Theres no pressure in the transmission yet. Once you start the engine it will be normal

How do you tell what manual transmission is in 1991 gm truck?

Manual transmission is a stick shift. You have to manually change the gears using the shifter and the clutch.

What is the shift?

the shift fork is attached to the shift lever in the trans mission it looks like a two pronged fork that moves the transmission gears into sync with the help of the clutch.

94 mark viii wont shift gears has fluid?

did the clutch cable come off? (if its a manual) that or there is a problem with the transmission.

One marking says Brazil. Another says SPFF20030. Another is 2BR. How do I determine the transmission type I have?

It's easy. Do you have a clutch pedal? If you have to shift gears 1-5 with a clutch then you have a manual transmission. If you simply shift into drive and step on the gas then you have an automatic transmission.

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