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What is wrong with your AC if the dash says low on freon but when checked gauges show proper fill?


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2004-10-27 14:30:55
2004-10-27 14:30:55

bad sensor


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to look at the gauges something is terribly wrong!!

Check the radiator/condensor fan for proper operation.Check the radiator/condensor fan for proper operation.

You probably have an open or short in the electrical system. It should be fine for now but you might want to get it checked out, it will eventually just fail.

It could be sprained. You should get it checked out without delay at your local Accident and Emergency department to get it xrayed for proper diagnosis.

You start by figuring out what's wrong with them, then proceed from there.

It depends on what is wrong with it. It probably has a freon leak. Add some freon, and listen for a leak. Always charge the system through the low side of the system. If you don't hear a leak, then add the required capacity, and the unit will last through the summer, if there is not a component failure. The best way to check the system is with air conditioner pressure gauges.

One of the gauges is telling you something is wrong. It could be it's overheating or not charging or no oil pressure.

have you checked the battery output? it should show right at 13.4 volts, if not, check your alternator output.

It means look at your gauges. Something is wrong! Does your temperature gauge show that it is overheating? Is the oil presure where it should be? Check your fluids.

Only after you have put a set of gauges on the a/c system to read both the high and low side pressure readings then you can determine if you need to add freon and oil to the system. If you just add freon and oil because the a/c system is not as cold as it once was it could still be full but might have something else wrong with it. The one thing that you don't want to do is buy one of the do it yourself kits and overcharge the system, this could lead to an expensive repair due to overcharging the a/c system..........

hi if u connect the battery the wrong way the gauges will bouncing this is because the gauges has whats called a ballast resistor an diodes this prevent the voltage current to flow only in one direction so it wil be preventing burning of the gauges

have the freon charge checked if the freon is low the evap core can freeze and the air flow is restricted and no air flow or little air flow is the result

Your speedometer may have failed, or the speedometer cable that connects to the transmission, or the plastic gear in the transmission may be broken.

proper manner is you should know what is right and wrong

get it checked, because if the ligt blinks, something is wrong.

if you're talking about the stock gauges as in the tach or speedo, two options one stretched or pinched cables, two if your talking about the misc. bs lights that pop up as gauges probably a ground

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For ac freon 2.5 lbs for Radiator 2 quarts coolant rest water Wrong. There is no Freon in a 1997 Chevy. It contains R134a refrigerant. Freon was banned in the U.S. and was not used in 1997.

Nothing, the AC service connections accept only equipment made for environmental 134-A since 1994 NO FREON!

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what is wrong when your gages on dash board stop working on your 1997 chevy astro van?

It depends on what's wrong with them. Please tell us more about the problem you're experiencing.

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