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What jobs can a 13-year-old girl get other than babysitting?

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You could be a waitress.

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What babysitting jobs can a fifteen year old girl get?

i would ask around the naberhood if they have any babysitting jobs.

What are some summer jobs for a 13 year girl?

Babysitting, running errands for others, house cleaning, yardwork, other odd jobs.

What jobs can a 13 year old girl get in Virginia Beach?


What Jobs can a 11-12 year old girl get?

possibly babysitting and maybe even dog walking and/or cleaning after dogs and other pets.

What are some phone numbers for babysitting jobs?


A job you are 13 years old?

babysitting or other jobs around the neighborhood

What are good jobs for a tween or young teen I've tried babysitting but it hasn't really worked out so Any other jobs Thnx?

One job other than babysitting for tweens is dog walking or house cleaning.

What Saturday jobs and after school jobs can a 13 year old girl get?

Babysitting be Cleaning houses. Gardening. Running errands for the elderly. Paper round.

What are some jobs for a sixth grader?

Babysitting, Lawn Mowing, and Chores for other People

How can you get a job if you'r 17 year old girl without citizenship?

That limits it, by a lot. Without citizenship you can get jobs that are not legally jobs. As is petsitting, babysitting, etc.

How can I find available babysitting jobs suitable for 15 year olds?

You can find babysitting jobs online. Go to

Are there any jobs anywhere that you could get as a 12 yr old girl?

Babysitting, or perhaps dog walking, something like that?

What jobs can a get for 15 year old in enfield?

Jobs that 15 year olds in Enfield include babysitting and lawn mowing. They can also do other small odd jobs.

Are there any babysitting jobs for 14 year olds in greenwood Arkansas?

Hey:) Not sure of any official babysitting jobs..but my friend and i do a few small jobs in greenwood. i've heard that first baptist in greenwood has babysitting jobs for like $50 or something...but don't take my word for it.

What are jobs that a 14 year old can do...other than babysitting?

You may work at McDonalds at 14 .

Jobs for 15 yr olds?


Jobs starting at 90000 a year?


What website can you find babysitting jobs on?

Where can I find babysitting jobs online?

You can go to and search for babysitter jobs.

What are some good jobs for 12 year old girl?

There are a few jobs that a 12 year old girl can do. Some good ones are babysitting, dog walking, pet sitting, delivering local newspapers and raking leaves.

Where can you find babysitting jobs for a 14 year old?

You can get babysitting jobs from family and friends. You can also use Craigslist. Be careful visiting a stranger's house. Some people don't have good intentions. Always discuss new babysitting jobs with your parents before starting them.

What jobs can a twelve year old girl get in Murfreesboro TN?

* babysitting * yard work * camp counselor or helper * day care assistant

What kind of summer jobs other than babysitting can a 13 yr old in new york get?

Farm work...

What Saturday jobs and after school jobs can a 14 year old girl get?

Try babysitting orworking at a small restaurant orcleaning someone's house ormowing yards.Walking dogsCleaning carsChemists and other stores often need extra help after school.

What jobs are there for 14-year olds?


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