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What jobs can you get at age 15 when you have experience as a clerical aide?


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saturday job in hair dreesers

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You don't get good jobs based on age but on experience and education.

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The Marquis de Lafayette was General George Washington's aide, and was comissioned a Major General in the Continental Army at the age of 23.

In this day and age most teenagers have jobs while still in high school. Definately by the time students reach college they are trying to find jobs while they continue their education that will afford them work experience in the field that they are studying.

Yes you can get a job at the age of 13. Most of the jobs at this age tend to be menial jobs, for example newspaper delivery

Most fast food and retail jobs will hire sixteen-year-olds, provided you're old enough by your state's standard to get a job (which, I believe all states set the legal age at sixteen). Highly technical jobs and jobs requiring experience will not.

A person will have 7-10 other jobs after the age of 21

I don't think theres a job were you can paid for an horse but if you have past experience with horses try horse training.

The basic qualifications required to apply for aircraft maintenance jobs include being of legal age and having at least eighteen months of experience with power plants and air frames.

The age of enlightenment began with the curiosoty of Man and conflicts between scientists and philosophers against the clerical institutions and the church.

examples of jobs were that they were blacksmiths,(toolmakers) basket weavers, traders,bakers,etc.

The average number of jobs that a person has had after the age of 25 is 4. Most people do not keep the same jobs as had been the custom in the past.

There are several job search can find accountancy age jobs in jobs),, and several other websites.

the earliest age to start is around age 14

For high paying jobs in California with no college degree and no experience (office jobs, security jobs, mechanic jobs, operator jobs, landscaping, lineman, meter readers, etc.) you may want to check out industries that thousands of baby boomers (people born in the 1950's) are being forced to retire because of old age, and where replacement workers are needed. Try searching for Power Plant Jobs. The trick to get these high paying jobs in California is to first get your foot in the door of these high paying industries. To start your job search, Google: high paying jobs without college, or Google: POSS Test. During your employment search, consider applying for positions at the bottom of the rung , then transfer to other positions within the company that interest you. Many companies that offer high paying jobs in California without college promote from within, even if you have no experience.

the type of jobs that the people in the neolithic age had were traders, merchants, government personal, priests, or nurses

The legal age to work in Garland Texas is 14. The jobs available for 14 year olds are: office and clerical, cashiering, selling, modeling, art work, window treatments, bagging and carrying out customers orders, and car cleaning and polishing.

what jobs can 13 year old girls get?

what is the starting age of candidate in railway job

what were the jobs of the patriarch from the stone age

16= high school. 18= just out of high school, but no plans to attend college/plans to attend college, but wants experience. 22= out of college. If you don't have to, don't wait! Experience is the key to opening better jobs, with bigger salaries...

A junior typically does not refer to physical age, but rather to experience. A junior is an inexperienced employee who needs to work to gain experience.

According to the Government website, an applicant can apply for government jobs in Pakistan till the age of 28 years.

It depends on where you live and what type of job you want. Most jobs do not hire people under the age 18, some jobs do not hire people under the age of 16...

The American Federation of Labor was not supportive of working women. It did not want women competing for men's jobs. Sure enough, women continued to hold low paying occupations. Even female professionals continued to be paid less than men for the same job. Also, they mainly held jobs that were traditionally thought of as "female" occupations like nursing and teaching.During the 1920s, 1 in 4 women over the age of sixteen were a part of the work force. Out of the women wageworkers 30 percent of them were involved in clerical and sale work. Clerical work, or white-collar positions, was respectable. White women born in the U.S largely filled these positions.

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