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the unequal distribution of wealth and exploitation war famine very sad when i watch those people. As an advocate of the Homeless which number 1 cause is POVERTY I say that answer is incomplete. What important issue is not said, Is simply "Poverty can be WIPED OUT." THere are enough resources. In my self-promoting answer I say: Read "The History of Poverty" by myself it has ten or so ways of undoing the Violence and the hate of poverty. As Listen to the poor. It lacks later findings as being half of all employees a bit more than a modest cost of living. Enough to cover the costs of rents, eletric, transportation, food clothes,a a bit to save for an emergency, or a vacation. Also economically the free enterprise MUST change from all the market will bear To a profit margin which Is FAIR. Further more for the richest country in the world the USA, we must demand 100% of the Need Be dealt with for 100% of those in need. Jan /

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2006-07-19 17:14:03
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Q: What keeps so many people around the world in desperate poverty?
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