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This is simple question. It may be answered in a simple sentence; He responded politely.

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What kind of a sentence is 'Can you quit being a idiot'?

This would be an example of an interrogatory sentence...a question. Without the question mark, it could be an exclamation.

Is this a question or is this a sentence?

That is a kind of sentence called a question. This is a kind of sentence called a statement: Some people ask silly questions.

What is a interogative sentence?

the kind of sentence that ask a question and uses a question mark

What kind of sentence is Do you know MrHolmes?

It Is A Question Sentence, Also Known As A Interrogative Sentence.

What kind of sentence is this and is it written correctly Does this book belong you?

The sentence is a question. It is not written correctly. It should read: Does this book belong to you?If the book is not yours, then you should respond: No, that book is not mine.If the book belongs to you, you should say: Yes, the book belongs to me.

The dog what kind of sentence?

I cannot understand your question.

How would you respond to someones instruction in spanish?

The question is too ambiguous to answer. Which 'someone'? What is 'your' relationship to that person? What kind of instruction? Do you mean a psychological and/or verbal and/or physical 'response'?

What kind of construction was used to create t?

Without knowing what 't' is it is difficult to respond to this question.

What kind of question do you not want when you are considering a possible research question?

You dont want a question that can be answered in one sentence.

What kind of sentence is in what country is mahogany grown?

That's an interrogative sentence, also sometimes referred to as a question.

What kind of sentence opener is the word there?

There is a good question. In this case, it is a preposition.

What is an example of a closing sentence?

A sentence that requires only a yes or no answer. for exaple a closed sentence would be do you like cake? but a question that is not closed would be something like what kind of desserts do you like? this has many different possible answers and does not only have a yes or no answer. hope this helps

What kind of sentence begins with because?

In formal writing you would not begin a sentence with because, therefore, the kind of sentence that begins with because is informal.

How do you use the word inconsiderate in a sentence?

She was inconsiderate to her brother.. idk lol. kind of a dumb question [just sayin, u kinda did use it in your sentence question (:]

Would the world be bad if Chris Brown wasn't alive?

What kind of a question is that? What kind of a question is that?

What kind or sentence is interrogative?

A yes-or-no question. Is Bill that tall man? is interrogative, while a question like Which person is Bill?is not.

Do you space once after a sentence?

um durf YEA...wat kind of stupid question is that?

What kind of sentence is this Glinda danced gracefully?

( Glinda danced gracefully. ) is a simple sentence. It is not a question, but a statement. It is not a command. The sentence has an adverb that describes how Glinda danced.

Can you give me a sentence with the word attention?

okay heres the sentence and what kind of question is that u need to pay ATTENTION in class ayee!!

What is An independent clause that expresses a complete thought is what kind of sentence?

"What is An independent clause that expresses a complete thought?" is a question, so it is an interrogative sentence.

How can you put the word annoyed in a sentence?

I'm getting really annoyed with these kind of question(jk).

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