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Depends on her age. But anything she does, you should do with her. It will make it more fun for her. You can try walking together or playing Basketball everynight. Many, many things. Even going to a park and playing on the toys is good excersise. And you could get her into afterschool sports. Swimming, soccer, karate, softball, gymnastics, dance. Anything that is a form of excercise. Maybe even get her into two things so she has a different type of "work out" a few times a week. She may also need to cut out unhealthy, sugary or fatty foods.

AnswerCAREFUL. It is OK to be worried about your daughter's health, but emphasizing her weight could actually HURT her self esteem and lessen her desire to exercise. First, has SHE indicated an interest in physical activity? If she has, go with the one she wants! The important thing is for her to move on a regular basis and start developing good habits. If she has not shown any interest, be careful of how you introduce the topic. Talk about her HEALTH, not her appearance. If she is not athletic or physical, try non-intimidating activities like walking, dance (if she's young enough to find it unintimidating), hiking, or even exercise DVD's. Also, if her weight is a real threat (to her health) , talk to your pediatrician
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Q: What kind of activities can you have your daughter do to lose weight?
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