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What kind of activity do they do?

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a choir,a game of Chess and a boxing game

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Stealing is what kind of activity?

Illegal activity.Added: Legally referred to as "Theft" or "Larceny."

How would the loss of biomass energy affect everyday activity?

b/c its what kind of activity you do to it

Volcanic activity creates what kind of rocks?

Volcanic activity produces extrusive igneous rock.

What kind of cancer does yuvraj singh have?

i wanna know what kind of cancer youraj has.............coz i am sick of this kind of activity

What kind of activity boys like?

Well, it depends on the boy.

What should be true of a lifelong physical activity?

You should consider what kind of person you are while searching for a lifelong physical activity.

Do eagles sweat?

Depends on what kind on what kind of activity theyre doing, like flying, eating or reprocducing.

How did Mayan religion reflect the importance of this activity?

If you're trying to cheat in social studies you should at least tell what kind of activity.

Define sedentary lifestyle-?

Sedentary lifestyle refers to a particular kind of lifestyle that either has irregular physical activity or no activity at all.

Is activity a verb?

no...you need to tell what KIND of activity.jumping rope,etc

What is type in the FITT model?

The kind of physical activity you participate in

What causes vaginal soreness after activity?

Chafing, lack of any kind of lubrication.

What kind of muscle is helped by aerobic exercises?

Depends what activity is being undertaken.

What kind of human activity is happening?

We live in a planet with approximately seven billion human beings, many of whom are quite busy doing all sorts of things, therefore, every kind of human activity is happening.

What kind of activity is talking on the phone?

a waste of resource . make a rendezvous and do it face to face

What is each element of the FITT model and its description?

Frequency: The number of times a person engages in physical activity in a week.Intensity: How hard you work at the physical activity each time you are physically active.Time: The duration or amount of time you spend doing the physical activity.Type: The kind of physical activity in which you participate.Type-What kind of physical activity you participate inTime- How long you spend doing each physical activityIntensity- How much energy you exert each time you work outFrequency-How many times you exercise in a week

What kind of movies does josh ramsay like?

Josh ramsay likes paramonal activity 2

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