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What kind of animal sare Muslim allowed to keep in the house?


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June 18, 2011 10:39PM


fish, birds, and cats. Dogs are allowed only on the property outside of the home as a means for protection. It is believed that they are unclean and religion calls for one to wash their hands 7 times after touching one. If you were to look into the middle east and other countries outside the united states and europe, dogs run stray in the thousands in other countries. A Russian scientist was curious to why 7 times rather than once or twice. So when he touched a dog (pet him, ect), he looked under a microscope at his hands and found bacteria (aka germs). He washed his hands once, and looked under the microscope to see if they were truly clean, and still saw them. He repeated this until the 7th time, when he looked again and found his hands truly clean. Im not saying that it was all from the dog, maybe he had dirty hands, but still it goes to show how many times one must wash his/her hands (possibly after touching a dog) before they are truly clean! (this test was done a while back as well before anti-bacterial soap I am sure :) )