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B.E Chemical Engineering is a UG program in Engineering. B.E Chemical Engineering is a four-year course. Chemical engineering is the study of chemistry, physics, and mathematics along with economics to the processes carried out to efficiently produce, transform chemicals, materials, and energy. Chemical engineering has a good scope in career.

Eligibility criteria for chemical engineering course given below:

1.12th pass with chemistry, physics, and mathematics or Biology

2.Some colleges have an entrance exam.

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I would think you would need a degree in chemical engineering. Possibly an different engineering degree with a strong background in chemistry would work, or possibly a degree in chemistry with engineering coursework.

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Q: What kind of degree do you have to get to go into chemical engineering?
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What is the best school to earn a chemical engineering degree?

there are some chemical engineering degree online. if you are prepare to go to school you can go the the website to searcher for the best school that offer that course.

What kind of degree do you need to become an engineer?

An engineering degree, usually a Bachelor's degree of Engineering - a BE - to start with. Or you can become a better engineer and go for a higher education

How can people start chemical engineering careers?

The best way to start a career in chemical engineering is to obtain a college degree in chemical engineering or an associated subject. Larger chemical engineering firms may also have apprenticeship schemes for those who do not wish to go to college.

What are the requirements to have an engineering degree?

It actually depends on what kind of engineer you want to be because there's many different kinds of engineering. If you go to they will have the requirements you need for your kind of engineering.

Can I go to a chemical engineering school?

Chemical engineers will need a bachelor's degree from an accredited program to gain entry into the profession. In order to become licensed, individuals must gain work experience and pass additional exams. For some positions, a graduate degree in chemical engineering may be required.

Where did John Drosdick go to school?

earned a bachelor's degree from Villanova University in 1965 and a master's degree from the University of Massachusetts at Amherst in 1968, both in chemical engineering.

What job can you b offered when you study chemical engineering?

A bachelor's degree in Chemical Engineering can get you into just about any field you want. Many people use it as a pre-med (and it is actually the highest valued pre-med by medical schools). You can also go into biology or genetic engineering. If you get a business minor, you can go into just about any form of business. You can work in green energy production. Chemical Engineering by definition takes chemical processes and makes them work in industry, so most industrial Chemical Engineers design various chemical plants. In short, a Chemical Engineering degree can get you into pretty much and science, math, business, or education feild you want to go to (including political science/law). It is a highly valued degree by all employers and grad schools because it requires a high degree of thought and work ethic to achieve. If you are not sure what you want to do with for a career, it's definitely a good place to start, but understand that the work load is comparable to that of a Master's Degree in most other fields of study.

What is the field to go in for chemical engineering?


How do I get an audio engineering degree online?

An audio engineering degree is a degree that teaches you how to use the machines and equipment that deals with recording equipment. If you would like to get an audio engineering degree please make sure to go to an accredited school.

How can you 'upgrade' from a mechanical engineering degree to a mechatronics degree?

You have to go back and study mechatronics for that.

Is there such a thing as forensic law and if so how do you go about to obtain a degree if you have a bachelors in chemistry and a masters in chemical engineering?

yes there is such thing

How many years do you have to go to school to be an petroleum engineering degree?

You need to put in 4 years of college to attain a degree in petroleum engineering.

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