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Carbohydrate restriction is advised for patients that have a high Hemoglobin A count, or AC1. The higher the blood glucose has been in the prior weeks, the higher the AC1.

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Q: What kind of diet should someone with a high Hemoglobin A count be on if they are predisposed to diabetes?
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What type of diet should someone with Diabetes have?

"Someone with diabetes should have a low sugar and low sodium diet. They should eat plenty of vegetables, fiber, eat a lot of fish and avoid red meats."

Can someone with diabetes and high cholesterol eat smoked oysters?

Yes. But should they?

Where can one find information on different foods someone that has diabetes should eat?

A great website that has info on food that people with diabetes should eat is helpguide. They offer an abundance of foods and recipes that are safe for those with diabetes.

Where can I get a diabetes diet chart?

Having a diabetes diet chart can be very helpful! Here's a website that will give you a chart of helpful foods someone with diabetes should eat:

At what age should I get tested for diabetes?

There is no specific age for which you should get tested for diabetes. If diabetes runs in your family or you have symptoms of diabetes you should contact your doctor for testing.

What number should hemoglobin a1c be at?

If you are concerned with diabetes and are looking for good results on the A1c test then good results will be around 4-5.9% while poor results will be around 8% or higher.

How can I lose weight fast and healthy when I have diabetes ?

In order to stay healthy, improve health, and/or lose weight, a person with Diabetes should eat mostly starches, veggies, and fruit. They should avoid (or cut out altogether) fats and sweets. There is much support online for people with diabetes, and everywhere. There are websites online like, for example that have tons of healthy recipes, especially designed for people that have diabetes. Someone with diabetes can lose weight just like someone without diabetes, there are just different foods, or combinations of foods that can help get them there safely and healthfully.

What kind of doctor should you see if you think you have low blood sugar?

If you think you have low blood sugar you should see your primary care physician and they can run a hemoglobin A1C blood test. If you have diabetes you can see an endocrinologist, as insulin is a hormone.

What should a normal hemoglobin be?


What should your hemoglobin level be?

it should be around 14gm/cm3

Is artificial honey causes diabetes?

No. Although artificial honey can cause serious problems for someone who already has diabetes, the product itself is nothing more than a syrup made from sugar. Since there is no direct link to sugar causing diabetes, nobody should blame artificial honey for diabetes either.

Who should be screened for diabetes?

Healthy people without symptoms of diabetes should be screened for diabetes when they are 45 years old and again every three years.

How high or low should your sugar be?

70-100 is the recommended current range. A trest called the hemoglobin A1c or glycohemoglobin will give an average (expressed as a percent) of your blood sugar over the past three months. Currently, anything over5.7% is considered a risk for developing diabetes called prediabetes. Above 6.5% means you have diabetes. Over 7% means your diabetes is not well controlled.

What is the cutoff point for hemoglobin for adolescent girls?

Hemoglobin should stay between 12 and 16 for adolescent girls.

If you had a high hematocrit would you expect your hemoglobin determination to be high or low?

RBCs are made up of hemoglobin, therefore if the hematocrit is high you should expect a high hemoglobin determination.

How much does transfusion raise hemoglobin?

one unit of pRBCs should increase hemoglobin by approximately 1 gm/dl

What if your hemoglobin is 5?

If your hemoglobin is 5. You need to get to a hospital because you are at risk for heart-failure. Normal should be 14-18.

should you keep track of your diabetes if you have a lot of carbohydrates?

You should monitor your diabetes no matter what, but especially if you eat a lot of carbohydrates.

What kind of food do you eat if a person have a diabeties?

If someone has diabetes, they must follow a strict diet. Someone with this condition should eat low sugar and low carb foods. A doctor can give a list of food that is okay to have and what should be limited.

Should I have a diabetic planner.?

Someone who has diabetes should have a menu planner. Having a menu planner is the best way to manage your food intake. That way, you can be aware how much sugar you are consuming.

What leve should my hemoglobin a1c be?

your a1c level should be less than 7

Hemoglobin is a protein that binds easily to?

U should inline this

How much hemoglobin should be in a pregnant mother's blood?