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my guess, would be some sort of powder substance, which could be crystal meth, cocaine, or crushed up pills, or, depending on where you're located, certain types of heroin comes in powder....but the corners of matchbooks or heavy paper are usually torn apart and used to push all the powder into lines or piles.

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Why are cigarette boxes hard to burn?

because they are not totally dry

Where do brown recluse spiders live?

in corners, boxes, or dark places.

Who was the surgeon general who issued warnings on the cigarette boxes?

Brenden Kitchener

Why do people tap the bottom of their cigarette boxes?

It's to get the tobacco to the top

What are the advantages of using hard cigarette boxes?

Hard cigarette boxes do not easily get crushed when put into your pocket or a purse. They can also be saved and used for other purposes such as holding gum, hard candy, or other items.

Why are cigarette boxes hard to burn if they are dry and not at all wet or damp?

Hmm, I haven't thought about that, yet I've never tried = )

How do you determine how many boxes of tiles for a 240 square foot room?

30 boxes should work. Ceramic tile normally come in boxes of 10, so you would need 240 tiles or 24 boxes. Then add 20%-30% more for cutting edges, corners, islands, closets, waste, and breakage. That would be 5 - 7 more boxes. But it is best to have a few on hand for future repairs.

What weight is in 1 mastercase of cigarettes?

if the cigarette is weighted to be 1gram, and there are 20 cigarettes in one box, then in one carton (of 10 cigarette boxes) there are 200grams. In one Master case there are 50cigarette cartons, therefore, there are 10kg in one MC.

List all crossed out numbers that have no marks in the corners of their boxes?

Asking a multiple-choice question without providing the choices doesn't really seem fair.

Where is the cigerette lighter fuse located?

A cigarette light fuse is located in the fuse box in the car. Many fuse boxes are located on the bottom panel of cars.

Where is the fuse located for the cigarette lighter on 1999 infiniti I30?

There are two fuses boxes in my 2000 I30 - one is inside cabin on left side panel, pull out panel - this is where I found fuse for cigarette lighter. (The second box in under hood near battery.)

Money is to purse tobacco is to?

Pipe/ cigarette pack

How do you replace the fuse for the horn and cigarette lighter in a 1997 Toyota Cavalier?

Chevy has cavaliers. (most fuse boxes are below the driver side by the left knee on Toyota's)

What particle is located in the orbitals?

Boxes boxes boxes boxes boxes boxes boxes are orbitals orbitals are boxes... the answer is electrons.

How much beneficial sustainable packaging is Letโ€™s just say customized eco friendly cigarette boxes, how much these boxes can be helpful?

Numerous brands are selling and creating cigarettes. They have presented their numerous flavors and sizes. They bundle them inside appealing and tasteful Cigarette boxes Organizations set them up by utilizing eco-accommodating Kraft, folded, cardboard, and cardstock materials. They hold them safely and shield them from a wide range of risks. CMYK and PMS plans help to get appealing printed bundling arrangements. Various organizations utilize the most recent printing methods to get a remarkable bundling plan. They use bite the dust cutting, sticking, and hole to expand their visual allure. Window patterns help the shoppers look inside the container.

What is Placeholder in Microsoft Word?

For objects such as pictures, graphics, text boxes etc., you have points around their edges and corners which define the dimensions of the object and allow you to change the size of the object.

Why are spheres used to store liquefied gases?

Why are boxes used to store books? Because it's the most convenient way! Also spheres don't have a certain weak point unless they were built with a flaw. The corners are usually the week points in a third dimensional object. A sphere has no corners.

How do you serparate 9 Marbles into 4 Boxes All nine marbles must be used and each box must have an odd number of marbles?

Illogical. Cannot be done without modifying marble or box. 3 marbles in 3 boxes. One marble in each box overlaps a fourth box, therefore each box has 3 marbles in it. or: 3 marbles in 3 boxes. A fourth box is drawn around the 3 boxes. or: four boxes with overlapping corners, place all nine marbles in the overlap area.

How do you wire up a cigarette lighter in a Metro when you can see a set of 10 to 15 wires bound together but no junction boxes?

Just pull 12V from the battery or the fuse panel. Make sure you put the appropriate sized fuse inline with you cigarette lighter. It will protect against fires. Good luck.

What is cigarette lighter fuse locations for ford 2006 mustang?

The Mustang has 2 fuse boxes. The lighter fuse is located under the dash on the drivers side. The fusebox under the hood is for the engine.

Where can one get a free London newspaper?

One can find a free London newspaper in the newspaper boxes which are located at street corners. One can also find free newspapers in variety shops near their entrance.

How change cigarette lighter fuse 2005 Malibu classic?

Malibu 2005 has 3 boxes of fuses: in the middle, side of passenger when the foot rest. Other in the hood, driver side, black box and in the trunk, left side. Cigarette lighter fuse is in the trunk, left side, fuse #20 , yellow one.

What are some hobbies that begin with an M?

· macramé · magazine covers · magic · martial arts · matchbooks · Mickey Mouse memorabilia · military items · mineral collecting · model airplanes · model cars · model rockets · model ships · model trains · motorcycles · mountain climbing · movie memorabilia · movie posters · movie tickets · music boxes · musical instruments

How do you calculate the max number of boxes on a palett?

# of boxes height wise times the # of boxes width. If it is 5 boxes high and 5 boxes wide then you would have 25 boxes on that pallet.

Are cigarette boxes recyclable?

I believe they are but you have to remove the foil insde and the plastic packaging on the outside. The reason why I am at this website right now is I was looking for the same answers in Google, as our local recycle lorry man has just took a picture of one of our recycle boxes then put it back down without emptying it. Hope this helps, Chad.

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