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You would need a journalism degree. Electives to be taken at college should have to do with culture and icons. It is one thing to be a music lover, you must also be well schooled in music's history, including the genres you are not a fan of. You would need to be knowledgeable in the music industry itself, keeping yourself current in new talent and promising groups. In any industry, it behooves one to apply oneself to an internship.

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Q: What kind of education do you need to be a journalist in the music industry?
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What kind of career can you get where you listen to music?

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Music Careers TeachingMusic TherapistPerformanceChurch MusicianMusic IndustryTelevision/Radio IndustryMusic Librarian Audio EngineeringMusic ArrangingMusic CompositionRecording EngineerMusic Software DevelopmentSymphony OrchestraConducting Film ScoringRecording EditingVirtual Reality Sound Environments (Internet, Games, Programs)Music TherapyIf you go to you can find the potential earnings for each career, education required, and a description of each. Hope this helps.

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What kind of education do you need to become a singer?

you don't need education but you may want to try singing lessons or music school to finalize and manage your voice. There is no age limit for singing.

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Do you need education to become a music artist?

It really depends on what kind of artist you want to be. Classical, yes. Rap, No. An class in your music category would definitely help you. In most areas involving the arts, your performance matters more than your education. While a degree in music might help you get a job teaching music, it will be a recital or demo tape that will determine if you get a job as a musician. And it will be your talent, your persistence and a lot of dumb luck that will determine if you are successful as a performer. in hiring artists, I place far more weight on their portfolio than I do their education. However, that being said, a good music school can certainly improve your talent and ability dramatically, and the good schools can even offer industry connections and introductions.

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