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What kind of government did colonial New Hampshire have?

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== == When first set up in 1623 New Hampshire had a democratic republic form of state government with like qualities to the United States government.

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What was the government like in colonial New Hampshire?


What type of government did colonial New Hampshire have?


Was colonial New Hampshire government democratic?


What kind of culture did colonial New Hampshire have?


What kind of economy did colonial New Hampshire have?

The economy of Colonial New Hampshire was based on two things. One was manufacturing, and the other was industry. Ship building was a common trade in New Hampshire.

What kind of food do colonial people from New Hampshire eat?


Who could participate in government in colonial New Hampshire?

famous people and so

Farming in colonial New Hampshire?

Farming was a challenge in colonial New Hampshire because of the soil. The soil found in colonial New Hampshire was rocky and not fit for crops.

What kind of people lived in colonial New Hampshire?

Indians, English, Europeans

What kind of people were in New Hampshire colonial times?

there were mostly farmers but there also was shipbuilders if you want to know more ask what kind of jobs were there in new Hampshire 1600

Main Religion in colonial New Hampshire?

The main religion in colonial New Hampshire was Puritan.

How did colonial people live in New Hampshire?

Colonial New Hampshire was envisioned to be a new place for trade and business.

What kind of government did New Hampshire have?

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What kind of clothes did colonial people wear in New Hampshire?

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What type of government existed in the colonial England in the 1600s?

new hampshire,massachussetts,rhode island and connecticut

What was the land like in colonial New Hampshire?

the climate was cold and damp in New Hampshire.

What kind of religion did colonial New Hampshire have?

New Hampshire was first founded in 1623 by Pilgrims from England and was one of the first original 13 colonies. Pilgrims came to New Hampshire for religious freedom and starting their lives over.

What year did slaves start living in colonial New Hampshire?

Slaves began living in colonial New Hampshire around the year 1654

What are Colonial New Hampshire Jobs?

Some colonial New Hampshire jobs included fisherman, trapper, logger, shipbuilder, or fur salesperson.

Who settled in original colonial New Hampshire?

the majority of people that settled in New Hampshire were British.

Who were the leaders of colonial New Hampshire?

New Hampshire was founded by John Mason and John Wheelwright.

Social life in colonial New Hampshire?

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When was colonial New Hampshire founded?

In 1623.

Colonial New Hampshire?

Was established in 1623.

Where was colonial New Hampshire located?

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