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a vampire bat lives in a cave a vampire bat lives in a cave

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Q: What kind of habitats do vampire bats live in?
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How are vampire bats being protected from their natural habitats?

Vampire bats are being protected in their natural habitats because many areas are enforcing sanctuaries for these animals. They are not protected from their natural habitats because these habitats are safe for the bats. They often live in hollow trees or caves which cause them to be hidden and safe.

Do vampire bats live in Romania?

We have not vampire bats in Romania.

What kind of habitats live in forests?

Habitats cannot live in forests, as habitats are not alive. A forest is a habitat.

What kind of habitats do the aardvark live in?

they live in Africa

How long do vampire bats live for?

Vampire bats have a life span of thirty years

Can you get vampire bats in England?

No, only Vampire bats live in Central, and South America.

Does vampire bats hibernate?

Vampire bats live in the tropics so they don't hibernate.

What kind of weather do vampire bats live in?

vampires live in cloudy ,foggy weathers usually warm places in the dark.

Why are vampire bats smaller than fruit bats?

Because vampire bats live in dark caves

Vampire bats where do they live?

in caves

What kind of habitats do orangutans live in?


Do vampire bats live in US?

No, vampire bats live in South America, not the US. The US does have lots of other types of bats, though.

What kind of habitats do snakeheads live in?

Typically found in a wide variety of habitats

What kinds of habitats do bats have?

Bats usually live in dark damp caves

Do bats live in India?

yes vampire and ghost bats do.

Do vampire bats live alone or with other bats?


Do vampire live the same amount of time compared to vampire bats?


In what part of the world does a vampire bat live in?

Vampire Bats live in South and Central America.

What does a vampire bat live off of?

Vampire bats live off of the blood of other animals.

What kind of habitat does a bird live in?

Birds live in a variety of habitats

Do Vampire bats live in the rainforest?

Yes they do .....

Can vampire bats live in Mexico?

yes they can

Do vampires live aslong as vampire bats and why?

Vampires live FOREVER. Bats don't ...

Where do you find vampire bats apart from Romania?

Vampire bats live in tropical regions. There are none in Romania.

Do vampire bats live in tranaslwvania?

no. they live in south america.