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* You could be a caddy for a Golf player. * Farm hand * Mow peoples lawns or rake leaves * Babysit. * Do extra help in the house. ("I earned $5.00 a day or do somthing that could help other people like painting or cleaning there cars for money and car wash.") * Paperoute, aka doing the paper run. ("If you're trying to get something that earns a lot of money do the paper route, it can pay a lot. The bad thing is that you have to wake up around 3:30 or 4:00am in the morning.") * Walk dogs or do petting, aka doggie sitting or kitty sitting. * Clean your room. Clear the dinner table. Help your mom wash dishes (or load the dishwasher) or do the laundry. Mow the lawn and water the flowers. Be a kid for a while and worry about getting a job when you grow up. * There are volunteer jobs where you can work, like the Red Cross, but you don't get paid. * Unless you can get a part in a TV show or a movie you are too young to work. * Do a garage sale.

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Q: What kind of jobs can an 11-year-old get?
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