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What kind of locks can you put on your doors leading from the house to the swimming pool area?


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2015-07-27 13:53:41
2015-07-27 13:53:41
AnswerHave a look at a night latch. This can be out of reach for children. Depending on what door material you have, a night latch will suit most wooden and composite doors.

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Changing the locks on the doors is a little harsh. Has all else failed? Of course you can change the locks on your house doors and lock her out. This could create a life long rift in your relationship. If you can afford to pay first and last month's rent. Offer that. If she refuses, then change the locks. You have done what you could to prevent the lifelong rift while ending an impossible situation.

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In my church, the head usher locks the doors after the service.

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the doors have locks on them because they are required by the city to be on the doors. It would be against code if the door didn't have locks, regaurdless of their store hours.

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