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No milk will burn belly fat as such.

Short of Liposuction there's no way to target fat loss - whatever the shopping channel or the magazines tells you.

The only way to lose belly fat if you don't want to go under the knife is to eat less/healthier and exercise more.

This will make you lose some fat all over, incl your target area - the belly.

If you want to push it, low-fat milk will helpyou lose belly fat - but only as a part of a low-calorie diet.

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What veggie and fruit help burn belly fat?

What fruit and food that burns belly fat

Does bodybuilding help belly fat?

Bodybuilding, or weight training, is an excellent way to help burn belly fat. The more muscle mass you have, the more calories you will burn, thus belly fat will reduce significantly.

Do cardio burns belly fat?

Yes, Cardio exercises are very affective to burn belly fat

Do sit-ups burn belly fat?

DO SIT-UPS BURN BELLY FATIn addition to the answer given beneath this one, for more in-depth information about the best ways to lose belly fat, what foods to eat and what foods to avoid, how to stop the fat from returning, and for the free charts, plans, lists, and exercises to enable you to achieve your goal, see the related questions and answers given below.HOW TO LOSE BELLY FATEXERCISES TO BURN BELLY FAT

How fast do crunches burn the fat in your belly?

Crunches by themselves will not burn off belly fat. They will however strengthen and tone the muscles. A much more efficient way of burning off belly fat is diet and whole body exercise.

Will Elliptical help burn the body fat on my belly?

Yes, the elliptical helps to burn fat from your whole body.

How do you burn belly and thigh fat fast without pills?

You can burn belly and thigh fat fast without pills. This can be done by eating healthy food and exercising daily.

Does cycling burn belly fat?

Short of liposuction, there's no way to target where to lose the fat. But cycling - like any aerobic activity - can burn fat. But cycling - like any aerobic acticity - will burn fat from all over. Incl your belly of course, but not only there.

Does chocolate milk reduce belly fat?

No !.. Even skimmed milk contains fats !

How much vitamin C do you need to take to burn belly fat?

There are no vitamins or other products that will "burn" belly fat. Vitamin C is for your immune system, not for fat. To get rid of belly fat, you need to stop eating junk food, stop drinking sodas and energy drinks, and start eating healthy food in smaller portions, plus get some exercise to burn off the fat.

How do you burn the lower belly fat is there any method by which we can reduce it in 20 days?

You can burn the lower belly fat in just 20 days by reducing your caloric intake, and engaging in aerobic exercises.

What is meant by reducing belly fat in women?

Belly fat is exactly what it sounds like. It is just fat that has built up on the muscles in your stomach. Anything that hangs or is jiggly when you bend over is belly fat. When they say reducing belly fat they are trying to burn off all the extra fat on your stomach.

What foods help get rid of fat?

No food burns belly fat. Belly fat is burned by, having an active life and exercising for 30 minutes a day 7 days a week. That should help burn belly fat.

Do a treadmill burn belly fat?

No, it won't. Tried alot of times, just the same fat

How does belly fat form?

Consuming more calories than you burn

What are Dr. Oz's tips on losing belly fat?

Dr. Oz has lots of ideas on losing belly fat. First and foremost, this is important to one's longevity. He suggests exercise and eating foods that burn belly fat.

Do crunches help to burn belly fat?

Yes. But you also have to have nutrition and do cardio.

Can drinking wine burn belly fat?

No. Exercise more, eat less.

Do crunches burn belly fat?

Crunches do NOT burn belly fat. While doing crunches you work-out your abs and make them stronger. To do burn belly fat you have to do cardio work-outs like jogging and jump-rope.Ironically, crunches alone may make your waistline appear thicker: you'll be building up the muscles underneath fat, while barely making a dent in the fat itself.If you're prone to belly fat, the only way to make it go away is the time-honored (and willpower-intensive) method of eating less and exercising more. Other than surgery, there are no shortcuts.The best way to lose body fat is through a low carbohydrate diet, cardio exercise, and weight/strength training.See the page links in the question above this one for in-depth information about how to lose belly fat.

Does chocolate milk get rid of belly fat?

no it doesn't. the chocolate is too fatty

Are nuts good to burn belly fat?

Not really. You can't spot-burn fat. Doesn't matter what you eat or what you do. Only thing that'll spot reduce is liposuction.

Why does milk get rid of spicy taste?

The protein Casein in milk binds and removes Capsaicin (the compound from chillies that cause the burning sensation). Fat from milk also dissolves the capsaicin and helps to reduce the burn. Whole milk will be better for reducing the burn than fat free milk.

What's the best way to burn belly fat?

According to mayoclinic.org, abdominal exercises alone will not burn belly fat. Weight loss is necessary to eliminate fat. Your diet should consist of eating fruits, vegetables, and whole grains while also controlling portion size.

Can core muscles exercise help you lose belly fat?

When you have more energy, you'll be able to lift heavier weights and get more muscle-building benefits, which will help you, burn fat. TheSlimCo provide the Quick Tips to Lose Belly Fat.

what is Dr. Oz belly fat all about?

Dr. Oz's belly fat program is a tactic that takes into account age and seeks to improve food consumption and exercise to burn off and keep off excise belly fat which gets harder to lose the older you get.

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