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The Ford Bronco transmission can use any SAE certified Transmission Fluid. Ford transmissions manufactured before 1979 will need an F type transmission fluid.


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For a 1996 Ford Bronco : DOT 3 brake fluid ( meeting Ford specification ESA-M6C25-A )

the manual trans should be dexIII auto fluid, sounds wrong but isnt, the auto trans i would think the same but not 100% on that

Manual transmission fluid is MERCON automatic transmission fluid.

Valvoline MaxLife Synthetic Transmission Fluid

You can use any SAE certified transmission fluid in your 1998 Ford escort manual transmission. Make sure the transmission fluid is for your manual transmission and not an automatic transmission.

In a 2002 Ford Taurus the type of automatic transmission fluid to use is indicated on the automatic transmission fluid dipstick or the dipstick handle

Motorcraft MERCON automatic transmission fluid for your manual transmission

On a 1991 Ford Explorer : The A4LD automatic transmission uses MERCON automatic transmission fluid according to my Haynes Ford Explorer repair manual * the type of fluid used should be engraved into the automatic transmission fluid level dipstick

That tractor does not use transmission fluid. It uses gear oil for the gearbox and hydraulic fluid for the lift.

Remove the transmission dipstick and read what it says on the stick, it will tell you what fluid to use.

Motorcraft Mercon Automatic transmission fluid according to the manual ( For the automatic and the manual transaxle / transmission )

automatic transmission fluid,preforably a synthetic or synthetic blended fluid.

Motorcraft MERCON - V - automatic transmission fluid ( according to the owners manual )

( Motorcraft MERCON-V ) automatic transmission fluid according to the Owner Guide

The type of fluid required is written on the dipstick.

Mercon Automatic Transmission Fluid, ATF.

The automatic transmission uses Motorcraft MERCON - V - automatic transmission fluid The manual transmission uses Motorcraft MERCON automatic transmission fluid

what kind of rearend does a stock 96 ford bronco eddie bauer have.

It is important to know the types of fluids to put in a car. A 1995 Ford Taurus will use regular Mercon transmission fluid.

According to my Haynes repair manual : For a 1994 Ford Explorer A4LD automatic transmission : ( MERCON automatic transmission fluid is used )

There are a few transmission fluids that can be used in a 1995 Ford F150. The most common fluid used would be Mercon ATF,

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