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Any kind you want. The term to look for is 'Exterior' paint. It is available in oil and latex bases. I recommend using latex exterior paint. Service preparation is the most important part of the process. Clean and dirt free, with no loose bits or chips.

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Why are air vents placed on the outside wall of house?

They are on the outside wall so they can be vented to the air outside and not throught your house.

How do I Define width of house?

from the outside of one foundation wall to the outside of the other will give the width measurement of the house

What would represent a cell wall in a house?

If the house is a brick house, the cell wall can be the brick that surrounds the outside of the wood frame or wood panelling on the inside of the house.

What is a cell wall similar to inside the house?

The cell wall is similar to the outside walls of a house. They both provide structure for the inside.

What is the difference between paint and distemper?

Both are used for painting house. Distemper is also called as cement paint which means it can be directly applied on the wall. It tends to fade in 5 to 6 years. This can be applied inside and also outside the house. paint gives a finish like oil paint. Oil content is little high in this paint. It gives shinning look for the walls. They little costly as compared to Distemper. It has another variety called exterior paint which is used for outside walls of the house. It get faded only after 8 or 9 years. Distemper has to be given minimum two coats. After it gets faded, entire wall has to be scrubbed (brushed) before start painting. But not in case of paint . Coating can be directly given and slightly washable also.

How do you find your wall?

If you live in a brick house then you can scratch off some paint to find out if it's wall or wood.

Can you mix art paint with house paint for your wall?

Yes! I have used both combinations of wall paint in poster paint & vice versa..I used one to tint the other in each instance & noticed that it affected the adhesion as well as the ability to block stains if adding poster paint to wall (white-ish) adding wall paint to poster paint it made poster paint stick better, flow from brush better, & require fewer coats..all of this while using a high quality acrylic wall paint..

Is it ok to use emulsion paint on an outside wall?

no it,ll get washed of eventually when the rains come

What kind of paint would you use on a wall that is not smooth?

I would roller it with latex.

Why would new paint peel off the wall painted a room in my house and after it was dry the new and old paint peeled all the way to the drywall?

You have a problem with the drywall. It is not a problem with the paint. Most likely it is moisture or some kind of contamination on the wall that is pulling it off the drywall. Another issue to consider is if you have too many coats on the wall the weight of all the coats of paint can cause stress and pull everything off. If the paint is not peeling everywhere and is just peeling in certain places the paint did not fail. (Paint does not choose where it will peel and where it will adhere).

What is base paint?

The first layer of paint. Usually a special kind. When painting a wall you use primer then the color you want.

Is a primer necessary on a cement wall?

Cement can wick moisture from outside that will cause your paint to peel off. Look for a primer that will seal it first, then paint it.

Why does putting green on a wall cause the wall to appear green?

By putting green paint on the wall its like gluing green wallpaper on the wall or a coat on a person. you put a sticky kind of liquid witch eventually drys and covers the other paint the other paint doesn't really turn green.

What kind of wall texture is the most difficult to paint on?

There are several different types of wall texture that can make it difficult to paint on, particularly walls that are not flat. Wallpapered or brick walls can be difficult.

What is a loading bearing structure?

The foundation of a building, the outside walls, usually the center wall of a house, any structure that is supporting weight from above. The outside wall of a building is not load bearing until the roof goes on. The foundation of a building, the outside walls, usually the center wall of a house, any structure that is supporting weight from above. The outside wall of a building is not load bearing until the roof goes on.

What is the effect of light on the color of paint?

eventually the paint will peel, the color will faid and the wood on the wall will get sun rotted and the house will fall apart.

What is the feng shui meaning of red paint of wall inside the house?

Red is a very lucky color.

How do you avoid the bubble during wall painting?

Is the paint itself bubbling? Then wipe it off, it's not the right kind of paint. (you need a primer that sticks well to the original surface). Is the wall paper bubbling? It will probably go back to normal when the paint dries.

If a strong wind from the west breaks a window in the north wall of a house most of the glass will fall in which direction?

outside of the house.

What kind of items in your house are line segments?

bathroom wall, window

Should you paint the wall or trim first?

that is up to you, i would paint the wall first

In Sims 3 how do you paint?

Go to build mode and on the bluescript of the house you will see wallpaper. Click on that and then choose what paint you want. Then click the wall you want to put it on.

How do you get ink off a painted wall?

paint over it with the same color paint that you used to paint the rest of your bedroom wall

Can paint for crown molding be a latex satin wall and trim paint?

Yes or it can be the same as the wall paint if it should be flat.

What is the easiest way to remove paint from the exterior of the house?