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What kind of people did Hitler like?


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Blue Eyes, Blond Hair, Light Skin, Tall, Aryan,


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it was more like people did what they did because they thought that Hitler would like it.

he was racist to the people how did not like

Kind, loving and gentle

he is not like Hitler its called racism

hitler only wanted white german people. that was his plan to be as for the master race of his inglorious vision.

Hitler killed Jewish children and people because he hated the Jews

He was Germany's chancellor, which is kind of like a president.

No, George Bush didn't kill millions of people like Hitler did.

None, because he's dead.

Hitler influences people in many ways, To most the influence is that to not be like him and to never anyone to be a "Adolf Hitler". However, Hitler has influenced 10,000s to 100,000s of people in making attempeds to restore the Nazi Party and to carrying on Hitler's and the Nazi ideology. Also in the middle, Hitler does influence the kind of capability Human beings actually have and many psychologists do try to understand the criminal mind to guess how Hitler mind had work. Not all pyschologist do this, only a handful actually do this.

No, most people didnt, especially Hitler. Hitler absolutely HATED communists.

Most people don't like Hitler, only neo-Nazis and Ku Klux Klan members like him.

Nazis, and people who believed that there could ever be a superior race.

Because she was a kind, loving and gentle woman, and she loved Hitler very much.

to please Hitler, it started because the people at the front (the perpetrators) thought that it was the kind of thing that Hitler would approve of.

Well in Germany Adolph Hitler was running to be elected but when he wanted to be elected and kill or jail all the Jewish. The sozis were the people who didnt want Hitler to win the election like most of the Jews and the Nazis were the people who wanted hi to be elected. Eventually Hitler won because he made so many promises like i will help you get through the great depression. It is kind of wierd though Hitler had a bit of Jewish blood in him but he was ashamed of it.

Hitler wanted his people to be of Aryan race, with blonde hair and blue eyes.

There where millions of people that didn't like Hitler, it wasn't just Jews that died in the camps, it was all of the Jews and all of the people who didn't like him, all of the people who where brave enough to stand up against him.

Hitler did not bother to keep a list of enemies. He simply killed people he did not like.

that is not true he killed black people, people with disability's gay peope and people who didn't like Hitler as well as the Jews.

Hitler's health deteriorated, his people were obedient (to generalise).

No, he only like white people with blond hair and blue eyes.

Its brainwashing. Like Hitler or Jonestown its not hard to talk people in to things like your the best or your special . People love that kind of stuff.You just have to be dumb enough to believe it.

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