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A spider with a red stripe on its back is the redback spider, which is found in Australia. They have toxic venom that can cause a human to become very sick.

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What kind of spider is black with a red stripe on it's back and lives in Arizona?

A black spider that has a red stripe on the back is possibly a red spotted ant mimic spider. They walk on six legs instead of eight and can be found in Arizona.

What kind of spider has an orange body with a black stripe?

It was probably just a red back spider which you probably just hallucinated. ( Thought it was orange. )

What kind of spider is a small black spider with a red stripe and on the stripe black dots?

I'm pretty sure that's a black widow. If the stripe is on its back then it is probably a variation of a velvet ant, it on the belly side, most likely a black widow

What kind of brown spider has white stripe and red on belly?

I found a spider like this in my home & would love to know what kind it is

What spider is green with red stripe?

It may be a Candy-stripe Spider (Enoplognatha ovata).

What Spider is Black with a red stripe down it's back?

don't be scared it I think it is just a garden spider ^^ HA!! um black and a red stripe? sounds like one of the most poisonous spiders in australia, the red back! be afraid!

What kind of black spider resembles a black widow wo the red hourglass?

a red back looks almost the same. But doesnt have an hourglass shape. It has a red stripe on top of its abdomen.

What is a black spider with a red stripe on its back and striped legs?

Black Widdow Spider PS:I am A student in the 6th grade

What spider is black with one red narrow stripe on its back?

black widow or king spider, for your sake i hope its the kind spider because they r not venomous but black widows r the most venomous spider that most people know of.

What is the name of a spider with 3 orange dots on back?

Possibly a redback-.. they have a body with a prominent red stripe on the upper side (i.e. the back) of her abdomen. ... The stripe is sometimes broken or looks like small red dots.

What kind of British spider has a yellow body with a broad red stripe down its back and is fairly small about 3mm?

It is hard to know for certain without seeing a picture. However, this spider is most likely the Enoplognatha ovata.

What kind of black spider has a white crescent on its back?

The spider that is black with a white crescent on its back is the Brown House Spider. This spider is often confused with the red-back spider.

Is it the male or female red back spider which is the more poisonous?

The female. The female is the only one with a red stripe on its back; the male is small, brown and very inconspicuous.

What kind of spider has a black body with a white stripe with a red button?

A RED BACK!!! bY THE WAY I WOULDN'T TOUCH IT!! THEY ARE REALLY DEADLY, ESPECIALLY THE BABY ONES!!! ^ i wouldn't pay attention to that If the red is on the belly then worry more, it the red is on the back its not a black widow, ive seen a bunch of spiders with a black body and white stripe, they are jumping spiders, the red button i don't know much about.

What kind of Spider has a lime green back and red spikes?

A spider that has a lime green back and red spikes is the Florida spider. The scientific name for this organism is gasteracantha cancriformis.

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