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This kind of spider is called a Redback Spider. It was first found in Australia and resembles a black widow spider.

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Q: What kind of spider has red legs black body and grey bottom?
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What kind of spider has a solid grey body and black legs?

A wolf spider

What kind of spider looks like it has a black head and legs with a grey body with spikes on its back?

the spider is the crab spider

I have a spider in my kitchen and he is yellow and grey and black and orange and a little brown. What kind of spider is this could it be a jumping spider?

I believe this spider friend of yours is a jumping spider, although there are lots of other spiders out there who are yellow, grey, black, orange and brown.

What spider has a grey body and red legs?

The Wood Louse Spider is known for its grey body and red legs. It gets its name from its habit of eating wood lice.

What kind of spider has 4 yellow dots and is black and has grey stripes on its legs?

Banana spider

What Kansas spider is grey with black and white striped legs?

Wolf spider by some chance?

What type of spider has a red upper body and legs and a grey lower body?

A spider that has a red upper body and legs and a gray lower body is a sowbug killer spider.

What kind of spider has a furry grey body and pinkish legs?


What spider has grey body and purple head in Michigan?

Be more specific

What kind of spider has a black body two red stipes one yellow and 4 to 6 yellow dots?

I just ran into this spider with a brownish-red head and legs, with a dark grey to black abdomen. Doing some research, i belive it to be a "Black House Spider." I could be wrong :)

What kind of spider has a light grey body and bright red legs?


What bird has a black body grey collar and black beak?

is it a honey eater

What spider is grey with a pink stripe?

wolf spider

What color is an oshrich?

Body is black and the wings are grey-white.

What spider has a gray body with red legs?

i saw one of these it had a Grey body with some patterns on them and there were red legs on the inside it was weird

What is a spider that is grey with red torso?

A funnel web spider if not, it could be a different spider

What spider has large grey body brown and tan striped legs fuzzy with 4 white dots in a square on underside?

sounds like a wolf spider to me!

What kind of spider has a grey pattern on it's back?

wolf spider

What dose a badger look like?

sliver-grey to black body and tail

What bird has a black head and grey body size of a blackbird?

check your horoscope

What spider has Grey legs and yellow thorax?

that would be the orb weaver spider

What do grey with white striped spider look like?

Grey with white stripes

What spider is grey with red legs?

i think it's the Dysdera spider, but I'm not sure

What is the color of a jackal?

Brown, grey back and tail. Bottom of the tail is black. Sometimes a bit white on muzzle.

What colors match black?

Grey, grey and black has the same tone... almost. So, grey matches black best