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This kind of spider is called a Redback Spider. It was first found in Australia and resembles a black widow spider.

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I believe this spider friend of yours is a jumping spider, although there are lots of other spiders out there who are yellow, grey, black, orange and brown.

The Wood Louse Spider is known for its grey body and red legs. It gets its name from its habit of eating wood lice.

A spider that has a red upper body and legs and a gray lower body is a sowbug killer spider.

I just ran into this spider with a brownish-red head and legs, with a dark grey to black abdomen. Doing some research, i belive it to be a "Black House Spider." I could be wrong :)

Body is black and the wings are grey-white.

i saw one of these it had a Grey body with some patterns on them and there were red legs on the inside it was weird

A funnel web spider if not, it could be a different spider

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sliver-grey to black body and tail

that would be the orb weaver spider

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i think it's the Dysdera spider, but I'm not sure

Brown, grey back and tail. Bottom of the tail is black. Sometimes a bit white on muzzle.

Check your field guide for Black capped or Carolina chickadees.

A grey and black spider, it has a red dot under each leg. I dont know what kind of spider it is though and am not having any luck finding it on the net! But i caught one earlier to get a close look and then let it go. Its a fairly large spider too.

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