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Two types of spider come to mind when someone describes them as brown and fuzzy. The first type is the tarantula. The second is the wolf spider. Both can be large by most standards.

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It is called a spider which is brown and has really long legs and a big body. You need more than that description to identify the spider.

the fuzzy brown caterpillar goes through a metamorphosis in its cocoon of human flesh to become John Carpentar. In our century there has been only one hatching of John Carpentar, for the obvious reason that everyone knows when you see a big brown fuzzy you must kill it immediatley...

if it is a big spider then it is probably the brown rucluse spider. You could search it on google

very big. i think they are poisionus

They stay warm because of their big warm fuzzy fur coat.

About the size of my penis

A blonde bee has a big orange, fuzzy body. The blonde bee is twice the size of the average honey bee.

I would say probably as big as a regular spider would be

A big white spider with brown, reddish legs might be a crab spider. Crab spiders like to live in outdoor areas where there is plenty of food for them, like in a garden.

I don't know, but I just got spooked by a big, brown spider that was jumping around on my floor. I don't know if it's a recluse or not.

Its hard to know without seeing a picture, but this could be describing a wolf spider, but its more likely an orb spider based off the limited information.

it spins web which is beautiful to look at

A Widow Spider it can kill u and it can get u to the hospital.

It is the common "Daring jumping spider," Phidippus audax. It's completely harmless.

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Spider monkey are kinda tiny they are usually black or brown. They have big eyes and small faces they are also sometimes really furry.

big coat with legging and fuzzy neck....

Probably a sub-species of the Wolf spider (Lycosidae). Since you said "big". And probably still in the southern parts of United States or more likely in Mexico.

The only spider that is orange with a black belly is callums mam and shes addicted to chicken seed

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