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It sounds like a Funnel Web Spider or just a common House Spider.


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i have a spider that is black with a white strip on its back?

Argiope aurantia is a black spider with yellow stripes. Its common names join such different physical descriptions as black and yellow garden spider, corn spider, writing spider, and zipper spider. The black and yellow garden spider generally may be considered harmless to humans.

I was bitten today by a small black insect with yellow stripes, I think it was a spider but I am not too sure.

A black spider with yellow stripes is a garden orb spider. These are very common and not poisonous to humans.

It is called a white tipped spider.

A black and white spider is commonly called a zebra spider. It is called a zebra spider because it shares the same type of black and white stripes that a zebra has.

Without knowing the size or body type of a spider, it's almost impossible to identify one. A black spider with pink stripes on its back could be a type of orb weaver, a tarantula, or a wolf spider.

A brown widow spider native to Florida but have been found in Arizona near moist, water areas. could be an illegal alien, sheriff Arpaio, or Obama. definitely not a spider.

Check out these images of Bold Jumping Spider (Phidippus audax):

There is a spider that is black and white. It is also kind of fluzzy looking. It is a Regal Jumping Spider. There are non venomous.

I believe that is part of the Black Widow family.

A spider that has black and white stripes and can walk on water and is found in Northern Minnesota may be a dark fishing spider. This spider is large, often 3 inches or more, and is often found on or near water.

Black and Yellow Garden Spider

I'm almost certain you're referring to a wolf spider.

A spider relatively close to this description is the parson spider.. maybe that's what you saw.

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