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Rack and pinion Power Steering.

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Q: What kind of steering is on a 1993 Plymouth acclaim?
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What kind of oil should you put in a 93 Plymouth acclaim?


What kind of power steering fluid does a 2002 Plymouth voyager use?

The power steering system on a 2002 Plymouth Voyager uses automatic transmission fluid.

What kind of Power steering fluid for a 2000 Plymouth Neon?

The system uses regular power steering fluid.

What kind of refrigerant does a 1993 Plymouth Acclaim use that has a service valve on the compressor that looks like a tire valve?

if the cap is green, your ac system uses R22 coolant. If it's PINK, then it uses R410a coolant

What kind of coolant should you use for a 1994 Plymouth acclaim?

You should use a 50/50 blend of a good commercial antifreeze that is sold everywhere!

What kind of power steering fluid goes in a 1993 Chrysler LeBaron?

plain old power steering fluid is the recommended type

What kind of power steering fluid do you use in a 1999 Plymouth Grand Voyager?

steering in the right directionPower steering systems arent all that picky so the generic power steering fluid at the parts store will do check the back for particular applications, and dextron atf will also work.

What kind of power steering fluid do you use in a Toyota Corolla 1993 with 44000 miles?

UK recommendation is Dexron II.

What kind of power steering fluid is best to use for a 1993 Lexus 300SC?

automatic trasmission fluid is the same as powersteering fluid

What kind of power steering fluid do I use in a 1997 Plymouth Grand Voyager?

you can use any type of power steering fluid, personally i use transmittion fluid as it is cheaper then power steering fluid only down side is it takes longer to warm up in the cold weather

What kind of power steering fluid should you use on a 1993 geo tracker?

there is only to types of fluid synthetic and conventional. they will both work

What kind of rock is Plymouth Rock?

the Plymouth Rock was found in December 21, 1620

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