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The dealer says to use only 10W30 motor oil I'm surprised a dealer would say that; even though it's a good answer. Honda MTL, which is their Manual Transmission Lubricant, is sold at Honda dealers and is recommended by the Honda literature. I recommend Mobil 1, same weight as you've got in the engine. Usually 5W30 or 10W30.

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2008-05-31 16:16:42
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Q: What kind of transmission fluid can you use for a 1990 Honda Civic 1.5 l MANUAL transmission?
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Honda manual transmission fluid, from the dealer.

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Does a Honda Civic with a manual transmission take a special kind of transmission fluid?

Yea the Transmission Fluid is called special Honda civic stuff fluid thingy

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and automatic transmission does not require tranny fluid, as it is a "manual" and not automatic

What kind of fluid is used for a 1997 Honda Civic HX 5 speed manual transmission?

Honda manual transmission oil, go to your Honda dealer.

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Transmission fluid (Civic CVT manual every 50,000mls,Transmission fluid (A/T or ?/T) auto every 30,000mls

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best transmission fluid 1991 Honda civic lx

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Genuine Honda Trans-axle fluid from dealer...

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Should be a removable plug on the side of the transmission Fluid should be at this level

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you fill it the same way you check it same hole

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Should be a drain plug at the bottom of transmission and a fill plug at the side

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