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What kind of transmission is in a 85 cutlass supreme?

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More than likely a metric 200. If it's a 4 speed auto then it's a 200-4R

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Timing adjustment for a 85 Oldsmobile cutlass supreme?

Will a 85 442 8.5 rear end bolt right in to a 87 cutlass supreme?


Is a cutlass s the same as a cutlass 442?

Yes, and no. What year? Generally speaking the bottom of the line A-body was the F-85 A Cutlass was a better F85 A Cutlass S was a sporty Cutlass; the Supreme was a cushy Cutlass The 442 was a sportier Cutlass S The W30 was a sportier 442 Many parts are shared, all the way from the F85 to the W30, but then again many very significant parts differ- engines, cylinder heads, transmission, etc. And, of course, the packages varied every year, so you would have to specify a model year to be more exact. In certain years, 442's only got a big block engine, and no Cutlass was available with one. In general though, no, if you are paying for a 442, it better not be a Cutlass or Cutlass S.

What kind of oil for Hyundai tiburan manual transmission?


What kind of brake fluid do you need for an 85 cutlass ciera?

A 1985 Cutlass Ciera uses type DOT3 brake fluid. It is the standard type of brake fluid for cars with power brakes.

How much horsepower does a 85 cutlass have?

Depends on the engine

Why does the brake light in the instrument panel stay on on an 85 Olds Cutlass Supreme The brakes are good and just been bled?

you need to check the switch on parking brake try to unplug

Will 24 inch rims fit a 85 Oldsmobile cutlass?


Will an 86 Monte Carlo fit an 85 olds cutlass?

... in what way?

How much was gasoline in 1996?

about 89 cents a gallon for regular. May have spiked to just above a dollar I could fill my car and ride all week for 20 dollars. had a 85 cutlass supreme

Was the grille on the 1984 Oldsmobile cutlass the only spring loaded grille that came on a cutlass or did other years offer it as well?

I got a 85 cutlass and its got tha same thing

How do you replace a starter on a 85 cutlass?

The starter on a 85 Cutlass is replaced by disconnecting the battery, unbolting the starter, disconnecting the wires at the starter, and removing it from the vehicle. The new starter is then wired up and bolted to the engine block.

What kind of motor oil does a cr 125 take?

80 85 transmission oil buy at any bike shop

What has the author Doris Cummings written?

Doris Cummings has written: '1961-1969 Cutlass F-85--4-4-2' -- subject(s): Cutlass automobile

Where all can you find the VIN on a 85 cutlass?

On the forward end of the dash on the driver's side underneath the windshield

Will a 85 Nissan transmission bolt up to a 92 Nissan motor?

84 and 85 are matches

Why does the exhaust on your 85 cutlass supreme put out a blue-white smoke for about 20 seconds when it starts?

valve seals are wearing. oil leaks past the seals when vehicle sits for a period of time (ususlly overnight) will require valve job eventully

What is the first manufacturing date for the Oldsmobile Cutlass?

The first Oldsmobile Cutlass was designed in 1954, and was an experimental sports coupe. However, this was redesigned and sold as an F-85, which was not released for another seven years, in 1961.

Will a transmission from a 1985 work in a 1996 Tahoe there both a 700r4?

No it will not because the96 Tahoe has a 4L60E electronic transmission in it. The 85 transmission is not a electronic transmission. WILL not WORK.

Why is a 85 Chevy Celebrity not moving forward in drive?

Transmission Issues. Have it towedto a transmission shop and get it fixed.

Where is the fuel filter located on 85 olds cutlass?

On the drivers side along the frame just in front of the gas tank.

Why does your Oldsmobile stall after driving it for awhile then start back up after waiting?

I believe it has something to do with the "lockdown" where the transmission does not shift down causing the engine to stall....On the driver's side of the engine toward the front bottom there is a BLUE connection that if you disconnect the override should not occur.........have an 85 cutlass ciera have been driving it that way over a decade and solved the same problem for me..........try it......Cutlass~Cutee

What type of transmission is in a 85 chevy c10 shortbed truck?

If it is an automatic transmission then it will be the 350 turbo that was put in it from the factory.

Can you convert an 85 suburban into a stick using a transmission from a truck?


Will a transmission from a 94 Dodge Shadow fit an 85 Dodge Shadow?