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What kind of water should you use for betta fish?


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If you live in a city and use city water than prefferably bottled or filtered water. There is a lot of chlorine in city water as well as other chemicals that can irritate a sensitive fish. If you live in a rual area and use well water then just use your tap water.

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Betta fish do not eat other fish.

Betta's will kill any kind of fish weather it's another betta or a molly the betta always wins

Betta fish fight will all fish. Even their own kind. If a betta has babies there is a good chance that they will eat the younglings. Betta babies are not born in the egg. They come right out as very small fish. Do NOT mix betta with betta or any fish.

It is a kind of tropical fish.

you need to put your fish in tap water that has been TREATED, AND NOT COLD OR HOT BUT KIND OF WARM...then let it set out over night to adjust to room temp. Treated- use declornator...its very cheap You should put your fish in spring water but make sure it's WARM .(my betta likes springwater) :P The above answers are good if you have fresh water fish, but will kill a salt water fish. Make sure you know what kind of fish you have.

He Revealed He Is Half Betta Fish.

No fish can live with a betta in small tank. but you can always house with your betta a Golden Apple Snail.

You should use tap water or bottled water. If you are using tap or bottled water, make sure you buy a bottle of Water Air Contitioner for the Betta. Make sure it says: Betta Water Conditoner, or on the bottle it says it can be used on all kinds of fish. Also, at Petco, they have a gallon of something called Betta Water. You won't need any chemicals for this, they made this water safe for the Betta. Thinking about buying a Betta Fighting Fish or need the right supplies for it? Here is the list of supplies that you will need: -A GLASS bowl. [Plastic bowls might have harmful chemicals] -Betta Water Conditioner [Or a water conditoner that can be used for any kind fish] -Betta Fish Food -Rocks for the bowl -1 or more plants [Betta's love plants to hide in] - A sponge to clean out the Betta bowl [Clean it twice a week] -If you want, you could buy a net IF YOU want to. You could put him in a cup, too. This is about everything you need. By the way, you shouldn't put a Betta male and female together UNLESS its their breeding period. Otherwise, the male might damage the female because males are much larger then the females. NEVER put the same sex [male&male/female&female] together, because they WILL fight. Places to get Betta Fighting Fish: Petsmart, Petco, Walmart Supercenter. If you need to know anything else about the betta fight fish, look it up on , There should be some good sites there. Hope this information is helpful!! Good luck taking care of your Betta Fighting Fish!Bettas are freshwater fish and can be kept in dechlorinated tapwater (buy water treatment from your pet store). However, they do need their water kept clean and warm. It should be changed often, especially if not filtered. A betta MUST be kept either in a room with central heating, or in a heated tank or bowl. The water should not be allowed to drop below 18 degrees C.

Crowntail, Veitail, and Halfmoons.

They just need tap water but you need to buy a special purifier for the water at the pet store.

Any kind of dead leaf rotting in the tank will poison the water and kill the fish. Maple leaves do not belong in a fishes water.

Probably the king betta because it's the largest and in most cases the larger the fish, the smarter

To the best of my knowledge no one keep those kind of records. Bettas are mature at 12 months, past their prime at 2 years old and ancient fish at 4 if they live that long. I have a Betta fish that is now over 5 years old because I change the water once a week with 2 gallons of purified water and I add about 20 drops of Splendid Betta Complete Water Conditioner to it. Using the water conditioner is a MUST to ensure that your Betta fish will live a very long life. I also feed my Betta fish 4 pellets of Hikari Betta Bio Gold once a day in the morning and 1 pellet at around 7pm.

Regular tap water is fine as long as you use Declor first to remove the harmful chlorine.

They won't fight, but bettas like warm water and goldfish are cold water fish, so they shouldn't be in the same kind of tank anyway.

It depends On its kind if turtle

a male Betta will usually like the company of other fish but will fight or kill others of their kind also they might fight guppies cause they look similar to a female Betta.

yes they will eat other fish Betta fish is the most meanest fish alive.. NEVER put other fish in with betta fish it just depends what kind of fish and Never put two females or two males together they will fight and that will kill eatch other

Depends on what kind of fish you have, betta fish can have up to 150 eggs and only 90% are born.

I personally would empty it, then scrub it clean and use it occasionally as a flower vase. It is not large enough to keep any kind of fish in properly. The basic rules for keeping fish successfully are. :- 1 inch of fish needs at least 1 gallon of water (a Betta is a 3 inch fish). Every tank must have a permanently running 'cycled' filter. Every tank must have at least 50% of its water replaced every week. The above is not completely true. A Betta in a half gallon tank should have half of its water replaced each week. You should use a conditioner with that water (mine came with Nutrafin Betta Bowl Water Conditioner). I also make 20% of it HBH Betta H2O, which can be bought in bottles.

You can try to put Guppy fish in with your Betta fish. That would be one of the only fish that i would put in with my Betta fish. I say that because i have a Betta male and he is OKAY with guppies. the first guppy i put in his died to to getting picked on by him but the others did not, so just give him another chance if you decide to get guppies. Hope i helped!

Almost any kind of fish can live with a female betta, as long as they are close in size. Female bettas are not aggressive like males, so you should be able to put a few in the same tank without a problem

Not very long,because they are territorial.thats why your supposed to put the Betta in the tank last,so it wont do that kind of stuff.

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