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At least a 3.75 inch backspace is required. Anything over that is mor than enough. TRUST ME

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Q: What kind of wheel backspacing measurement would be needed to mount custom wheels 15x7 offset -6mm or 16x7 offset 0mm bolt pattern 5 x 4.50 on a 1996 grand marquis?
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How is the backspacing of a custom wheel measured?

By guessing

Will 16 X 7.0J rims fit a Pontiac fire bird?

The Pontiac Firebird and Chevrolet Camaro from 1993-2002 have factory 16x8 inch wheels. 16x7 wheels will have to be custom fabricated to safely fit the unique backspacing and hub pattern of these cars.

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What is the lug bolt pattern 1950 Ford custom?

5x4.5 should be

What is the shift pattern on a 2004 883 custom?

One down, four up

Will a expansion chamber for a tippmann a5 fit a tippmann 98 custom?

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Can you put 15 inch wheels on a ford f 250 super duty truck?

Yes. You need to find a company that makes a custom 15in. wheel that can provide a 8x170bolt pattern and less than 2in. backspacing to clear the rotors. you might have to grind down the rotors a bit but not enough for structural damage. As for the wheel its self you may need big flares cause the wheels are going to stick out very far due to the backing spacing and it is illegal in many places to run a wheel and tire that sticks out too far from the fender. Also custom wheels aren't going to be dot.

Is the wheel bolt pattern for a PT Cruiser 5x100?

Yes it is i have ine and need to know that to get custom wheels

What is a 1968 Buick Skylark custom lug pattern?

5x4.75 or 5x4 3/4 standard GM.

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I went down to the local custom shop, he called up his dude and he said yes. He told me you don't have to worry about it hitting the well. hope this helps

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