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Answer:Some will tell you goldfish, but they need a minimum of 30 gallons and are COLD water fish. Bettas need a minimum of 5 gallons and are WARM water fish. Both need a filter, but the betta also needs a heater. Bettas, like most other fish, like to swim around. A single betta needs a 6-10 gallon tank with a heater and filter for optimum health. Plants and caves make it more interesting for them and a couple of rasboras might work, depending on his aggressive tendencies. They can be kept with other female bettas, and can have other tank mates if they have room. Almost any fish that doesn't harass them would be fine as female bettas are peaceful fish. People tend to think they don't live long, but if they have enough room, clean water, and consistent temperature, they will be much less stressed and can live for a lot longer than expected. If your tank is at least 15 gallons, you can have four or five female bettas, but they should not be crowded into a smaller tank. NO FISH SHOULD EVER BE KEPT IN A BOWL. The constant water changes and temperture fluctuations are very stressful and do not make up for having enough room to swim and have plants and items to swim around and through. You could live in a large closet with 4 other people but I doubt you'd appreciate the quality of your life. Fish also enjoy moving around and having an interesting environment. To say it's OK to use a bowl because a few manage to live in bowls is as logical as saying cigarettes don't cause health problems because a few people manage to smoke with no obvious repercussions.
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Q: What kinds of fish are good tank mates for a female Betta in a 3-gallon bowl?
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Bettas are actually tropical fish, not cold-water. O-o Suitable tank mates would be a school of tetras [5-6]*, an African dwarf frog [Not clawed frog, don't get them confused], snails, mountain minnows, and shrimp*. Female bettas are usually just as aggressive as males, but they usually don't have flashy fins for other fish to pick at. Female bettas can live together if they are in a school of 5-6, though.* Tetras like to nibble on flashy things, so it might be risky to mix them with your betta.* Shrimp usually get eaten by betta, but with less aggressive ons they should be fine.c:--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------For Male bettas, there are no really good tank mates. They must be able to survive in cool water as the betta does. I would suggest an algae eater, an African dwarf frog, or cool water fish. DO NOT PUT GOLDFISH IN WITH BETTAS!!! I had a betta in with goldfish and they killed it.For Female bettas, they can survive in with a tropical communtiy.

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