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German either shake hands (rather with respectabilities) or simply wave

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# gutantarg #

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tag! oder guten tag!

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ummm at a guess...German!

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Q: What language do the Germans use to say hello?
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How do you say hello and goodbye in sign language?

To say hello in American Sign Language (ASL), you can wave your hand or use the sign for "hello," which involves extending your fingers and tapping your temple with your hand. For goodbye, you can wave your hand or use the sign for "goodbye," which is similar to waving but with your palm facing outward.

How do you say hello all in Hawaiian?

you say alohaAloha does mean Hello. But to say Hello All, use the phrase "Aloha Kakou". That means Hello to you and me.

How do you say Hello the one on the phone in Malaysia's?

Malaysia is a country in Southeast Asia and uses Bahasa Malaysia as its official language. Malaysians also use the word hello when speaking on the phone.

Why do people say ' Hi ' instead of 'Hello'?

New Zealanders still say hello! Probably too lazy to use the English language properly.

In the Netherlands how do you say hello?

The most basic translation is simply hallo. The English hey is also in common use, albeit a bit informal.

How do you say sorry in Ndebele?

use: "uhambe kuhle" hello and thank you with some other basic language resources for isindebele are here

How will you communicate with someone who has little understanding of English?

Punch them in the face! Joking, if you can speak their language thats great. If not try to use sign language, e.g waving your hand to say hello, and so on.

What does herro mean?

it's a play on the word "hello" in a different language but people use it to sound cool

How do you say hellow in Germany?

The Germans say hello depending upon the time of day. "Guten morgen" is good morning, "Guten Tag" is "good day" and "Guten Abend" is good evening. In Bavaria and Austria, they say "Grüß Gott" any time of the day, meaning hello. Literally, it means "Greet God". Of course, nowadays many Germans use the English word "hi" to greet each other, especially German youth.

How can you use Hawaiian language in introducing yourself?

If your name is John, you can say: Aloha, ʻO John koʻu inoa (hello, my name is John).

How do british people say hello?

it's exactly the same. American English and British English are the same language, apart from favor to favour and color to colour. My spell cheack says the British versions are wrong. Ignore it! :D Hope this helps ~Happypieman~

WHAT does it mean when someone says hello love?

they use to say it old england like "hello love" its like now "hello there"