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1. Day trader. This isn't easy and it is a full-time job. 2. Buying/selling things on the net through auction sites such as ebay. 3. Webmaster - get money from ads on your site. 4. Make crafts & sell 'em on the net.

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Does Christopher Columbus have living descendants?

No. His sons died without having any sons.

What is the general statute for not having a living will?

There is no general statute for not having a living will.

Assisted Living Services?

form_title=Receive Assisted Living Services form_header=Help your relatives maintain some of their independence with the help of assisted living services. What specific services are you needing?=_ Do you have insurance or other medical coverage?= () Yes () No What medical conditions require monitoring?=_

What do people think of Queen Elisabeth II?

She is okay. The same as any other living person. She is owed absolutely no more respect than anybody else. She is apparently not even the legitimate monarch. The legitimate monarch is a man living in Australia.

What is the difference of having a home and being homeless?

Think abot it, if you have a home, and you are living it it, then you are not HOMELESS. If you are without a home then you are homeless, just think about it!!

Are virus Unicellular or multicellular?

Viruses are neither. They are the only living things we have discovered so far that exist without having cells.

What is an independant living center?

Each independent living center determines what services it offers. They are all different, so it is important that you shop around and find the one that suits you best. "Independent living" is generally "apartment living" with no community services. Those services can be added for additional fees. So what "these living centers do" for you depends on the center itself.

Where can home care take place?

Patients can receive home care services whether they live in their own homes, with or without family members, or in an assisted living facility.

How many children did shakes speare have?

3. 2 girls and a boy. All died without having children so there is no living descendants of Shakespeare.

Why is earth having carbon dioxide?

Carbon dioxide is a necessary element for the survival of all living things, and it is produced by organisms such as plants and trees. It combines with hydrogen to create oxygen which no living thing can live without.

Do the people of Australia have a generally high or low standard of living?

Australians generally have a high standard of living. While tghre are always people at the extreme ends of such a scale, Australia rates globally as having one of the highest standards of living in the world, based on education, medical services, income and employment.

Can a child living with mom and having a father living in another state be taken out the state by the father without the mom's consent?

If Mom is custodial in Illinois, the answer is NO. Father must have Mom's written permission to take the child out of state.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of living without your parents at 18?

Advantages: Having your own place Not having someone checking on you 24/7 Feeling responsibility and freedom Disadvantages: Pay rent Buy groceries and othe expenses

What are some of the effects of the stolen generation?

Children living without their parents, lost every day of their young lives, having to always speak English and not allowed to speak Aboriginal and even having to be with other Aboriginal strangers.

What are the release dates for Living with You - 2011 Living Without You 1-4?

Living with You - 2011 Living Without You 1-4 was released on: USA: 20 April 2012

Is life possible without interaction of living and non living things?

What would the living thing eat? No, life would not be possible without the interaction of living and non living things. As is pointed out we would not be able to eat if there were not any "non living things".Earth would be one big void without living creatures and plant life.

A country's standard of living depends on what?

Production of goods and services.

What word describes a bad living room?

A bad living room is when you forget a focal point. Especially in smaller spaces without a fireplace or dramatic view to look onto, it's easy to forget the importance of having a focal point to centre your living room layout.

Can a living component survive without non living?

No, because some of the non living components are air, water and food without humans cannot survive

Which country without crow living?

without crow country

How is Pythagoras and what did he do?

Pythagoras, a greek mathematician living about 2600 years ago, became immortalised simply by finding a method for calculating the length of the hypotenuse without having to draw it out

Why are lipids nessecary for survival?

Phospholipids make up the membranes of cells, Cells are the basic unit of life and nothing living survives without having this basic unit.

Where have the Brazilian inhabitants come from?

There were people living in Brazil before its discovering by Pedro Alvarez Cabral. This means that we have legitimate ancestors.

How do plants respirate without leaves?

For respiration in plants, any living cell having mitochondria is capable of. Under normal conditions the green plants having chloroplasts in their leaf cells synthesize organic compounds (food) which is used in respiration to liberate energy. While chloroplasts are generally confined to the leaves, the mitochondria are found in almost all the living cells. Thus plants can respire without leaves.

Why doesnt bactaria have a nucleus if its a living thing?

Having a nucleus is not a criterion for a living thing.

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