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What license do you need to become a vet?


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You need a medicinal license and a doctor's license.


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i think you do need one to become a vet.

how to becaome a vet and wat educaition and training you need to become a vet how to becaome a vet and wat educaition and training you need to become a vet yofyfyufikliuop[;'#

Yes, You Do Need A License To Become A Police Officer. Your Welcome :)

Yes, you need your grade twelve education to become a vet, along with schooling from University.

the classes you need to become an equine vet are chemistry and biology, maths or physics and English

Yes I need a babynurse license.

yes you do you need a detectives license

Yes, you have to have a doctorate in veterinary medicine to be a veterinarian.

All you need is a license from the State Bar.

you need to study lots of science and

You do need a license to become a locksmith. You will also need a certificate for re keying locks. They make you get a license so you can show the customer who you are and it will reasure them you will not break into thier house.

I heard that you need to have five highers(a-levels) to become a vet. You need biology and chemistry the most.

a dog license dummy a dog license dummy

NO! Unless you want to be in the field, in which case you need a diving license

you need to have a relationship with pets.

you need to accomplish math and science

If you are referring to a valid driver's license - - Yes, you do.

You need a special bus drivers license to become a bus driver. This license is called an F extension. You will also need to be cleared by your doctor.

you need maths to become a vet because you need to be able to add how many mililtres of moriphine, antiboiotics etc. an animal needs and stuff like that

If you mean a wildlife vet, you need the same amount of schooling that any veterinarian needs, which is to go through vet school.

I am pretty sure that you have to get an op 1 or 2 cause that is what my cousin told me. And she wants to become a vet aswell.

Before you come become a tattoo artist in the state of Illinois, you need to have a business license. You also need to be a certified tattoo artist.

I am a Filipino license Vet and iam willing to work as nurse vet in NZ is it possible

you need 500 hundred points in Ireland

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