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What life was like in prehistoric times?

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Barbaric, savage, and harsh. Much like modern society, just a different set of rules.

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What was life like in prehistoric times?

Dangerous. There used to be many predators

Scientists who study the forms of life existing in prehistoric times?

A Paleontologist - A specialist in prehistoric life on earth, (by examining many fossils) - an example.

What were decomposers in prehistoric times?

What are decomposers of the prehistoric times

What were polar bears like in prehistoric times?

the same as now

What was prehistoric life like?

I would imagine it lacked literature.

Studies prehistoric forms of life?

Paleontologists study prehistoric life forms. They use fossil remains to determine several aspects of various organisms who lived in ancient times.

Are prehistoric otters real?

No, they never existed. However, small mammals like mice lived during prehistoric times.

When did prehistoric man live?

In prehistoric times

What is a sentence using the word prehistoric?

-prehistoric times were a very long time ago -dinosaurs lived during the prehistoric times

In prehistoric times what creatures lived in Nevada?

in prehistoric times, ichthyosaurs lived in Nevada.

Has wrestling existed since prehistoric times?

Yes, in prehistoric times they wrestled nude.

What was the climate like in prehistoric times?

In prehistoric times, the climate of the world was very hot. Over the last 2 billion years, it has alternated between being cold and being hot.

Is prehistoric a noun?

The 'Prehistoric' is a noun, a proper name, and is capitalized. However, 'prehistoric' is an adjective, and is not capitalized. "We journeyed back to The Prehistoric, where we saw prehistoric life."

What is the ISBN of The Complete Guide to Prehistoric Life?

The ISBN of The Complete Guide to Prehistoric Life is 1554071259.

What is prehistoric forms of life?

Forms of life from the past, e.g dinosaurs.

What is a good sentence using prehistoric?

All Dinosaurs are from prehistoric times.

How did the mogolians surived?

The early man in prehistoric times they were called prehistoric.

What is the ISBN of Prehistoric Life book?

The ISBN of Prehistoric Life - book - is 0-7566-5573-0.

How many pages does Prehistoric Life - book - have?

Prehistoric Life - book - has 512 pages.

How many pages does The Complete Guide to Prehistoric Life have?

The Complete Guide to Prehistoric Life has 216 pages.

What study studies prehistoric forms of life?

The study of prehistoric life other than prehistoric humans is paleontology. A person who studies paleontology is called a paleontologist.

Did king cobras live in prehistoric times?

yes, they lived in cave and stuff like that in rain forest parts and yes they did live in times like that.

In prehistoric times what creatures lived in North Carolina?

Dinosaurs and birds lived in North Carolina in prehistoric times

When was Prehistoric Life - book - created?

Prehistoric Life - book - was created on 2009-10-05.

What are the scientists who study prehistoric times called?

two types of scientists who specialize in prehistoric times are 1) Paleontologists, they studied dinosaurs and such and 2) Paleobotonists, they study prehistoric plants.

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