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Two initials: EGO and IQ.

AE had a very big ego. So when his colleagues made fun of him for some of his thought experiments, he set out to prove them wrong. And he was able to do that because his IQ was rated at around 160; he had the smarts to think out of the box.

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What made Albert Einstein a good scientist?

His famous theory of relativity

Inventions that made albert Einstein famous?

Einstein was a scientist rather than an inventor. He discovered relativity.

Which scientist produced the theory of relativity?

Albert Einstein made the theory of relativity.

Does anyone have an intro for a Albert Einstein report?

who is the smartest scientist that made the equation E=mc(2)?if you guessed albert Einstein you're 100% accurate

Why is Albert Einstein worth knowing about?

Albert Einstein was a well known scientist. He had many theories of relativity which made him the most famous. Go to to find more information.

Did Albert Einstein do mistakes?

Yes, Albert Einstein did make mistakes in the many experiments that he did but he was very determined to succeed that he kept pressing on. In fact he is quoted as saying, "Anyone who has never made a mistake has never tried anything new. "

How did Albert Einstein get into what made them famous?

i want to know how Albert Einstein became famous how did he do it

How old was Albert Einstein when he made his 1 invention?

Albert Einstein was not an inventor and holds no patents.

How did Albert Einstein make math?

Albert Einstein made math to make people clever

Why is there a book on Albert Einstein biography?

Albert Einstein was known to be the smartest man so they made a biography about him in his honour.

Which of the famous scientist an English school teacher who proposed the idea that everything is made of very small particles called atoms?

Albert Einstein

Who made atomic bomb?

albert einstein

Who made bubbles in the beer?

Albert Einstein

Who made first atom bomb?

albert einstein

Which chemist made E mc2?

Albert Einstein.

Who was the man who made math pretty?

albert einstein

What is Albert Einstein famose for?

He made e=mc2

Who made contributes to prevent asthma?

Albert Einstein

How did a compass influence albert Einstein?

it made him curious

Did Albert Einstein discover physics?

No. They had physics before Einstein came along. Einstein made contributions to physics.

How did Albert Einstein earn money?

Albert Einstein made his living as a professor in Europe before coming to the US where he was a professor at Princeton University.

What Albert Einstein did that made him famous?

Albert Einstein is famous for mathematics e=m

What is an example of nuclear power?

Albert Einstein made nuclear

What inventions made Albert Einstein famous?

Albert Einstein had no significant inventions. His theories however led to inventions by other scientists. Einstein himself worked primarily in theories as a physicist and mathematician.

Did Albert Einstein invent lots of things?

Yes Albert Einstein invented alot of things you could research all of the inventions that he made by using google :)