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It was a world war because it involved countries from different continents - Europe, North America, Africa, Asia, Australia.

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Q: What made World War 1 a world war?
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In which world war was the atomic bomb made?

The Second World War.

Who made uniforms in World War 2?

the women made the uniforms in world war 2.

What made World war 1 unlike previous European wars?

it was a world war

Which activity made the most money after World War 1?

Manufacturing made the most money after World War I.

Why was the gerat world renamed World War 1?

Because there was a second world war and it made it easier to define quickly which war was being spoken about.

Why was World War 1 blamed on World War 2?

World War I was not blamed on World War II because World War I happened first. Rather, World War II was blamed on World War I, because WWI destroyed the German economy and made Hitler's message of national unity and triumph attractive to the average German.

What was the bloodiest war of World War 1?

World War I was the bloodiest war of World War I as it was the only war of World War I. The same can be said of every war.

What was the biggest world war before World War I?

there was only a world war 1 and world war 2

What made France so powerful in World War 2?

France was NOT powerful in World War 2.

Why was the first gun made for World War 2?

To win the war

In what ways did World War 1 pave the way for World War 2?

after world war I they treated Germany like crap and made them pay for a war they didnt completely start, they were pissed and ready to fight again for world war II

How were the causes of World War I and World War 2 similar and different?

world war 1 is an European war world war 2 is an country war

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