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the American revolution

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Q: What major events occured before the Civil War?
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What important events occured between 1840 and 1926?

US Civil War WWI most major things

What major events occured after the Incas were invaded by the Spanish?

suck my balls

What major events in world history occured in 1969?

We made it to the moon....if that counts.

When did the major events of the Korean War occur?

The Korean War occured in the 1950's.

What major events occured during Abraham Lincoln presidency?

i dont kno whats the answer

What major events occured around the time of the Spanish American War?

The annexation of Hawaii.

What is the major events before the discovery of the Philippines?

Major Events before the "Discovery" of the Philippines

What Major Events occured from 400 BC until 1 BC?

blob head was formed

What were major world events that occured during the 1930s?

Nothing much. There was a bit of a scrap in Germany.

Major events of civil war?

slavery was over

What are major historical events in Idaho?

the civil war

What major events occurred in the 1950s?

the civil war

What major events occured during James Monroes presidency?

A few of them are The Missouri Compromise and The Monroe Doctrine.

What happened on August 12 2002?

No major events occured on August 12, 2002. Other events that occured throught the month of August were the 2002 European Floods that raveged through Russia, Germany and the Czech Republic.

What major dramatic or historical events happened after the US Civil War ended?

There were several major events that happened after the Civil War. One of the biggest was the Civil Rights Movement.The Reconstruction of America's economy and land was taking place after the Civil War.

What are some major events that occured during the Great Depression?

they had bankrupt few people were homless and the stoke market was a problem to

What major events occured during John Quincy Adams presidency?

what one major event occurred during John Quincy Adams that affected his presidency

6 major events that happened in civil war?

West Virginia

What major political events lead to lincolns death?

The Civil War.

What major events occured in the US from 1955 to 1960?

1955- The Jewish people were forced in Pakistan 1960- King Antiyochus is assassinated

What major events happened while JFK was president?

The civil rights movement

Which of these events was a major turning point for the civil rights movement?

the bus boycott

What major events have happened in Georgia?

Sherman's march to the sea in the Civil War.

What was the Major Events of the Civil War Battle?

First Bull Run (Manassas)

What are some major historical events that occured between 1620 and 1730?

one major event that occurred during this time period was the Salem witch trials. which occurred in 1692.