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What major product was shipped to England from the colonies?

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One of the primary resources sent to England was timber and wood related products. The population of England had grown and there was a shortage of lumber and even wood to burn. It was becoming so difficult to get charcoal and wood that glass increased in price, bacause it requiring lots of charcoal to get the necessary heat. Wood, tar, pitch for building ships was an important item. Glass was one of the earliest industries in the colonies. As coal become more available reducing the need for heating fuel, Tobacco became a bigger crop as it caught on in Europe. Indigo and other herbs were also sent. Sugar cane from the Carribean and southern states as well as cotton. For a long time Beaver Skins to make hats was a huge business, leading to much of the exploration of Canada and the mid-west.

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What was the major purpose of England's mercantilist policy?

The main purpose of England's mercantilist policy was to maximize profits through monopoly within colonies. American colonies were exploited by England for their raw materials, which were shipped to England for processing and sold back to other colonies at a significant mark up.

What were the New England colonies major bodies of water?

NO they were colonies

What were the major towns in the New England colonies?

Major cities in the 13 American Colonies in New England included Boston among others.

Who were the two major religious groups that lived in the New England colonies?

Who were the two major religious groups that lived in the New England colonies

Who represented the colonies in England?

The governor was the head and represented the colonies in England. He was responsible for the major decisions in his colony.

What were major crops in the New England colonies?

England u get me blud

What were the major industries that made the new England colonies prosperous?

The major industries that made the new England colonies prosperous were mainly farming, lumbering and fishing. These were industries that were operated in most colonies.

Major city of New England colonies?


Did the new England colonies have any major seaports?

The New England colonies had several important seaports, of which the most important was Boston.

What are some major towns in the New England Colonies?


What major products were sent from the New England colonies to the other colonies?

lumber, fish, & whale oil.

What goods did the New Englad Colonies export to England?

One of the biggest exports of the New England colonies was Cod Fish (dried or salted.) Cod fishing and processing was probably the single major industry in New England. They also shipped lumber in rather large quantities. Slightly later, ship yards developed along the coast, and many English ships were 'fitted' and 'refitted' there.

What were the major industries of the New England colonies?

Fishing, shipbuilding, and farming

What was the earliest major English settlement in the new England colonies?


What major goods were produced in the New England Colonies?

Renown for shipbuilding

What were the major skills in the new England colonies?

Farming ,shipbuilding, and craftsmanship

What European countries established major colonies in the area of the US?

Spain, England and France were the European countries that established major colonies in the United States.

What major exports to Britain during the time of the empire?

All of Britain's major colonies exported to England. The major ones were India, their African countries and the North American colonies.

Major cities of the New England Colonies?

new york city, albany

A major cause for the colonies declaring their independence from England was the issue of?

religious prosecution

Major ethnic groups in New England colonies in 1700s?

English church

The new England colonies are to the east of what major river?

St. Lawerence River

What are the major cities and settlements in the new England colonies?

Boston Concord, Manchester

Was fishing a major export industry in New England?

Fishing was indeed a major export industry in the New England colonies. This was because fishing was what these people knew how to do.

What became the major port in new England colonies?

i honestly don't know :P