What makes Tennessee Tennessee?

The people. It's as simple as that. I've lived in the state for 21 years and I've traveled around the United States quite a bit, but I've never been anywhere where the people are so kind, selfless, hospitable, and friendly. There is a reason we're called the volunteer state. I happen to live in the Tennessee Valley and the people here seem to posess those qualities ten fold in comparison to the rest of the state (rural Memphis excluded). The scenery in the Smoky Mountains is incredible and everyone that comes through here says that the air in the valley has a signature sweet smell during the summer and spring. It's not all roses with Tennessee though. There are things that we could improve on, such as tolerence, ignorance, health, diet. There is one thing that I haven't yet decided rather or not I believe is a good thing and that is the layed back, slow pace of the people here. We take our time and that is often seen by the outside world to be laziness. As someone who lives life is such a pace, I can't speak on the subject without bias. But again, it's the people and the FOOD!