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It is most likely a tire that is out of balance. probably rear tire (mostly felt in floor board and seat) Front tires typically shack at speeds below 45 mph and can be felt in steering wheel

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โˆ™ 2008-01-02 21:20:37
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Q: What makes a 92 beretta shake after going 60mph?
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What makes a 1995 beretta shake pass 60 miles?

Wheel(s) out-of-balance. Get them checked.

Why does Ford Explorer shake at 60mph?

Tires are out of balance

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What makes a steering wheel shake?

What make the steering wheel shake is the tires that need wheel balance.

Why does your 96' Hyundai Accent 2dr hatchback shake when you reach 60mph and does not stop what could be wrong and what needs to be fixed?

Sounds like a tire out of balance. Have your tires balanced and inspected.

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