What makes a girl attractive?

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Not the same things make any one girl attractive. Everyone has their own qualities and they all show it in a different way! Guys have different points of views so they all view the world in a way only they can explain!

Guys think a girl/woman is attractive mostly because of her body but they also like it if a girl is confident in herself and is flirty and sure of what she wants.

It depends on the guy. For me, confidence is always a must. I like girls that I find easy to talk to. I like girls that take their dreams seriously and yet don't take themselves too seriously. I like an intelligent girl who knows what she wants. Looks are important, but not that important. In my experience, the girls who meet the other criteria on my list have always been beautiful to me.

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Q: What makes a girl attractive?
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How should a 12 year old girl dress to be attractive?

a 12 year old girl should dress in whatever makes YOU feel pretty! If you feel pretty in baggy clothes then that's what makes you attractive! Have your own style, set your own trend. Be yourself, that's what makes you most attractive!

How do you use attractive girl in a sentence?

she is an attractive girl.

What is the Most attractive girl personality?

There is no universal thing that makes people attractive. Every person has different likes and dislikes when it comes to dating.

What property of silk makes it so attractive?

Its lustrous appearance makes it attractive

What makes a girl irisistible to guys?

All men have different taste in women. Your definition of an attractive girl may be different to everyone else's.

What makes a girl un-attractive to a guy?

Physical appearance but mostly low self-esteem or lack of confidence.

What would an attractive girl like for a birthday present?

an girl like a birthday present like chocolates, brasslet, books, are anything that makes her happy.

Do you find blonds attractive?

Any girl with confidence is attractive!

What should you do if you like a girl but she does not like you?

Look for another girl. Sometimes rejection makes the girl you fancy even more attractive! However, as soon as you find a new girl that does like you, you will forget this one.

What kind of girl is attractive?

Being attractive is subjective. Who one person finds attractive another may not.

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