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Her confidence and ease with herself. Unafraid of physical self-expression. Nice features and a good body can also be "hot" but it's the confidence that goes with it that shines through.

What is the meaning of HOT?

Personally I mean hot means warm. So why do they call girls "hot"?

A: ... because in a boy's mind, they look like gold. The word hot just means their beautifull

To me, the question is placed in category, "Sex", and it also speaks of "physical" hotness, so the answer would have to address those parameters - it would refer not just to "beautiful", but to 'sexually attractive' - a 'turn on', if you like.

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Q: What makes a girl physically hot?
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A sexy girl.

What makes a vagina really hot is it a problem?

The reason a women is hot in her vagina is because she is fully engaged emotionally and physically, she is aroused(turned on) in heat

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How do you appear hot ?? If you are reading this, then don't, you don't need to be hot for people to like you. And if you are born being physically 'hot' or 'beautiful' then don't go around trying to be hot, as it makes you up yourself and no- one will like you.

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If a girl is not [sexually/physically] attracted to guys, but she is [sexually/physically] attracted to other girls, she's a lesbian.

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because the heat from the girl causes the fabric of your jeans to contract which makes them feel tighter.

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A woman who is not sexually/physically attracted to men, but is sexually/physically attracted to women, is a lesbian.

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What does a hot girl look like?

This depends on what your impression of hot is. Some people feel that a hot girl is skinny and has long hair mostly and has big breasts. Others feel that a hot girl could be someone who feels hot and is sweating.

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everyone is diff.-so i cant speak for everyone. obviously you have to be physically attractive to a persons looks 1st.-then for me its their personality & if they love the lord and is willing to continue to grow spiritually with me.

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