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What makes a man insecure?

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This will depends on what kind of personality he have. Most men can not handle bad news or being rejected by someone he loves. But in scale of 1- 10, I think only 25% of men do feel insecure.

2010-11-27 08:21:31
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Can a Scorpio man be insecure about his penis?

Regardless of the star sign, a man can be insecure about his penis.

What kind of man belittles.yells and calls his wife names?

Such a man is an inadequate and insecure control freak.

How do you deal with an insecure man?

As a guy, don't waste your time, move on. It would be like doing body work on an old car that doesn't have value. Well, if you love the man for being him, consider what makes him insecure. There are types of insecure men. The man who is not so insecure but knows when he is talking beyond the limits of people around them. In this case he becomes insecure when he has to stop and no-one wants elaboration, so try listening and asking him questions. Next there is the man that is so used to people taking the drop your losses approach as mentioned before. It comes down to the partner, if you love him then nurture him. Remember, people are creatures of self fulfillment. Consider yourself, what do you do that makes you happy, what hints do you drop for him to pick up on. All people do it. For example. Does he make you a cup of coffee in the morning because he knows you like it? If he started that routine then obviously it him trying to show you what he likes. Perhaps focus on these hints and he will begin to open up to you even more. == ==

Why the man you love keep asking if you love him?

cause hes insecure...

What is the message in what makes you beauitful by one direction?

That you are beautiful no matter what and that you shouldn't be insecure.

Why would a guy break up with you even though he loves you but feel insecure?

You need to find out why he feels insecure and if you love him you need to reassure him of your love. If you are doing something that makes him insecure in the relationship, you should stop doing it if it is damaging your relationship.

What does it mean if a guy makes fun of you for being short?

It means he is an immature insecure jerk.

What is a insecured man?

an insecure man is a man that does not think good of himself or he cares to much about what other people think. Hope that answers your question!

Why do guys try to make you happy when you are mad at them?

When girls are mad at a guy, it makes the guy insecure. They don't like feeling insecure. To fix their problem they try to make you happy.

How did Moses change his character in Exodus?

He went from a man insecure about speech to the leader of the Israelites.

Who is the song what makes you beautiful song for by one direction?

Any girl who is insecure about her looks/image

Which characteristic makes legumes a good food source for food-insecure populations?


When a guy says that if you are insecure it will not work?

Insecurity is a sign one is not mature or independent and someone who is insecure can smother the mate they are with. There for this young man is saying he needs someone he can rely on who does not smother him with her insecurities.

How there is security in c language?

The c language is as secure or as insecure as the programmer makes it. Security is not in the language; it is in the design of the program.

What is the root word of insecure?

root word of insecure?

What does Selena Gomez insecure about?

She most insecure about her ears.

How do you use insecure in a sentence?

If I do not have a substantial amount of money in the bank, I feel insecure.My door was insecure so had to get it replaced

Would the sentence she is insecure have a verb with a direct object?

"She is insecure" does not have a direct object. "Insecure" is an adjective describing the subject "she".

What will make a man mad?

There are many things that can make certain men mad (each one is an individual) but the most popular of all is to crush his male ego. This does not mean that the man in particular is on a ego trip, but any words such as 'wimp'; 'you are a spineless twit' or 'not much of a man' hurts most men deeply. If wise stay away from the male ego.Technically, suggesting that someone is "mad" is indicating that the individual is mildly or moderately insane, since that's the original meaning of the word. However, in this case the person asking the question is probably referring to the colloquial meaning that he/she wants to know what will make a man angry.It all depends on what makes the man feel insecure. If a man questions his intellect, he may feel threatened when someone suggests that he is an idiot. If the man feels insecure about his appearance or his masculinity, he may become angry at disparaging comments regarding those topics.It's the same with anyone, man or woman. We all have something that makes us feel insecure, and those are the subjects that can make us feel angry.

Can men in their twenties be more insecure than a man in his forties?

yes. it all depends on the mans self-esteem.

If a man is short and his wife is tall how will that affect his social life?

Only as much as as either of them are insecure about the height difference.

What is brendon urie insecure of?

He is insecure of his figure, he has his mothers hips.

What is the word for a man who makes clothes?

A tailor is a man who makes clothes.

Is a possessive arrogant an insecure man a sign of a guy who loves you?

no that wud be a sign of a man who wants to control you id get out of that relationship.its not u he loves its controling u he loves

What causes Insecurity in a relationship?

Insecurity is caused by your partner's own indiscretion. Most often they are guilty of doing what they have accused you of or are insecure of. If there is not honesty, trust and communication on both ends, and your beloved is insecure, it is surely the beloved's deceit and guilt that makes him/her insecure. Blame on the other is actually a big sign that the other is up to no good and accusing you of the things they are doing.