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What makes a thump and vibration by the front tire?

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Bad tire? Bent rim? Bad wheel bearing? Try moving tire to another location on the vehicle and see if problem moves with tire

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What would cause vibration on a 07 Dodge Magnum passenger side I know I need a front end alignment because of the tire where on that tire. would that cause vibration at 40 and higher speeds.?

Tire out of balance is the most common cause.

On a 2000 Eddie Bauer explorer what causes vibration in the front end?

you have a bad tire or a bad wheel bearing i had this in my 2004 explorer twice, a tire,then a bearing the bearing makes more noise when turning right to left when traveling

You are starting to get vibration from your front end at high speed does anyone know what this may be?

At high speed vibration usually its tire balance. Have your tires rotated and balanced.

Why does my 2005 corolla thump while driving?

Bad tire? Try rotating and see if "thump" also moves

When you make left hand turns your right front tire makes thumping noises what could that be?

Check the mudflap on the right front tire

Why do your front tires thump when driving?

Check for missing wheel weights or possibly bad shocks. Can also be a defect in the tire itself. As in, a broken or seperated belt in the ply. Can also be a tire with a flat spot on it. Have this looked into by a professional tire shop as it could be dangerous.

What would cause a vibration or shimmy in the front of a 2002 Chevy Malibu?

Tire(s) out of balance/old, bent wheel, etc.

What could case a bad front end vibration on a 1991 Chevrolet pickup only some of the time?

could have a tire not balanced right

What if your 1997 Dodge caravan has a vibration in the left front tire at speeds between 30-45mph?

vibration in a tire at certain speeds usually means that wheel needs balancing.while wheel is off car being balanced have it checked for out of round or any bulges in side walls

What is the vibration on your passatt 2002.The exhaust has being checked and is ok. It is coming from the front of the car?

A number of possible reasons. There could be damage to your tire rims. Your tires could require balancing. Why would you check the exhaust system if the vibration is coming from the front?

What are the Symptoms of a out of balance tire?

Vibration while moving

Does low air pressure in tires cause car to shake?

Not typically, but running a tire with low pressure can cause damage to the tire, making it dangerous to drive and causing the tire to become out of balance. A front end vibration (sometimes called a shimmy) is typically caused by an out of balance tire.

Could a broken tire belt cause my care tire to vibrate?

Absolutely, broken belts throw off the balance of the wheel. Look for buldges or indentations in the tire. If the vibration is felt in the steering wheel, it is probably a front tire. If the vibration is felt in the seat, it is probably in a rear tire. Most manufacturers will pro-rate a replacement tire for the manufactured defect. Cut tires, curbed tires, under-over inflation wear could also effect the warranty. Vibrations could also be caused by other mechanical defects: lost wheel weight, bad wheel bearing, bad ball jounts, bad shocks, sticking brakes, etc. Rotate the front tires to the rear, if the vibration changes in the steering wheel, then chances are the problem is in the wheel/tire.

What causes a 2002 dodge caravan EL front end vibration?

Bad tire, bent rim, warped brake rotor, bad cv shaft........

Why does a tire have to be round?

Less rolling resistance and road vibration:)

What is the purpose of a car tire balance?

So that the tire rotates more smoothly and without wobbles or vibration.

I have Bad vibration when you get your car above 10 milesahour what could be causeing it. my cars a automatic.?

my e-mail is where is the viberation coming from? front ,back? it could be a bad tire, bolts not tight on tire,or ball joints going out. is it front wheel drive or rear?

Why does your front tire wobble and makes noise when you hit a bump?

axle damage causes wobble

Where is the battery in a 2012 Dodge Journey?

In front of the left front tire, inside the fender.In front of the left front tire, inside the fender.

Where is the battery on 2004 Dodge Intrepid?

It is under the fender in front of the right front tire.It is under the fender in front of the right front tire.

Why do your tires make a humming noise and cause vibration?

The humming noise is dependant on the road surface/ tire tread and tire wear. If the tires are scalloped or feathered they will hum. Vibration may be a problem in your suspension or the balancing of one or more of your tires. You can run your hand over the tread (front to back and back to front) if it is wavy or the tread feels jagged/ sharper in 1 direction, you need suspension work and/or an alignment.

What releases the front tire when changing the front tire?

Lug nuts hold the wheel/tire on the vehicle.

What are the two requirements for correct tire puncture repair?

tightness and vibration

What makes car pull hard to the sides?

low tire pressures, mis-alignment of front end

What makes a back tire lock?

Excessive brake pressure, or brake pressure imbalance Front/Rear.

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