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organic foods have no relation to the science of organic chemistry. organic foods have to be grown with certain guidlines to be labelled an organic produce though even this can vary from place to place

but speaking in a broader sense, organic substances are any molecule that has a carbon backbone this include a wide variety of substances ranging from gasoline to aspirin to the proteins and lipids that make we humans

AnswerThe same thing that makes anything organic. Carbon. Every product that contains carbon is, by definition, organic. People like the previous respondent have tried to steal the word and change it's meaning. But look it up in any dictionary (hurry, before the hippies get them all changed), and you will find that what I say is true.

Now, "purely organic" is another story. In order to be purely organic, a product can contain only carbon. The only products that qualify are graphite and diamonds. There's no such thing as "purely organic food", unless, of course, you like eating graphite and diamonds.

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Q: What makes an organic energy or candy bar purely organic?
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