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Because bacteria in this genus contain mycolic acid

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What makes Mycobacterium resistant to staining?

the presence of mycolic acid

What makes mycobacterium particularly resistant to gram staining?

It has a peptidoglycan layer filled with mycolic acids. The acids make the cell wall waxy and impenetrable to stains. They are classified with gram positive cells because of cell wall thickness and genetic similarities.

Where does Mycobacterium tuberculosis hide?

Mycobacterium tuberculosis does not hide; it simply has a coating that makes it hard to detect. This waxy coating on its cell surface makes the cell impervious to gram staining.

Why do the duck eggs has a waxy layer?

it makes them water resistant

What relationship did you find if any between the Gram-staining reaction of a microorganism and its susceptibility to antiseptics and disinfectants?

Gram + bacteria has thick cell walls. This feature makes them more resistant to antiseptic and disinfectants.

How do you think the acid fast nature of mycobacterium contributes to it virulence?

The acid-fast nature of mycobacterium contributes to its virulence because its waxy cell wall makes it hard for other cells to phagocytize it. The mycobacterium is therefore likely to live, reproduce and cause disease.

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Yes this bench is water resistant, this makes it very easy to clean after a hard workout.

What staining procedure makes use of pararosanaline?

flagellar stain

Why was koch's recommemdation for fixing and staining important for microbiology?

Fixing the smear kills the bacteria and staining makes it more visible under the microscope.

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National sleep makes a stain resistant mattress pad.

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Blue Ridge Home makes a microfiber down alternative comforter that is resistant to stains but is also very lightweight and comfortable.

What might account for the fact that some bacteria are acid-fast and others are non acid-fast?

Some bacteria, particularly the mycobacterium, have cell walls which contain a wax-like lipid, mycolic acid, which makes it difficult for Gram staining reagents to penetrate the cells. For this reason, special stains and procedures are used. These stains penetrate the walls and retained even if the bacteria are treated with a strong decolorizing by acid alcohol and do not retain the carbolfuchsin stain are called non acid-fast.

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A company called Tri-Pour makes chip resistant glasses and pitchers.

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Desmosomes and tight junctions

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What stabilizes bone and makes teeth resistant to decay?

The answer is Calcium.

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Why you do staining?

Staining is done to help determine what the sample is. It makes it visible under a microscope and it gives some information about the structure of the cell. A positive Gram stain means that the cell has a thick peptidoglycan layer.

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What is the purpose of heat fixing the smear?

It kills the bacteria makes them adhere to the slide and coagulates their protein for better staining.

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