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What makes the constitution effective?

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The US Constitution created a system of government that included checks and balances, which is one of the reasons it's effective. The legislative, executive, and the judicial are the three branches of government.

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When did the Constitution of the Northern Mariana Islands become effective?

The Constitution of the Northern Mariana Islands became effective on January 1, 1978.

What was the year the constitution became effective?


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The Constitution of the US became effective in 1789 what documents did the US Constitution replace?

Articles of Confederation

How many states had to approve the US Constitution?

Article VII of the US Constitution required 9 states to ratify the Constitution for it to be effective.

Why has the Constitution been changed 27 times?

It was written by humans, and it was not perfect for governing humans at its inception, nor will it ever be, but it can always be improved. One of the provisos that makes the U.S. Constitution revolutionary and effective is the fact that it outlines its own amendment process.

How can we ensure an effective constitution in Nigeria?

Effective government depends on the people being governed. A constitution is merely a written 'contract'. The people and/or governors may interpret that contract as they see fit. Being effective depends on your point of view. What you deem effective may not be true for your neighbour.

What came first the Declaration of Independence or the Constitution?

The Declaration of Independence, in 1776; then the Constitution, becoming effective in 1789

When did the US Constitution become effective?

March 4, 1789

When did the Italian Constitution become effective?

jan. 1st 1948

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What fraction of the states had to ratify the US Constitution?

Article VII of the US Constitution required that only 9 states ratify the Constitution for it to become effective.

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Who makes the laws in the county?

The Constitution

What makes the beginning of the constitution?

The preamble

Who makes changes in constitution?

the president.

How many states had to ratify the new constitution?

Article VII of the Constitution provided that 9 states had to ratify it it to become effective.

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Which article of the Constitution makes it clear the Constitution is the superm law of the land?

article 6

What makes the Senate the Upper House?

The constitution.

Who makes the duties of the legislative branch?


What is congressional elaboration?

the process by which Congress makes informal changes to the Constitution. a feature of the constitution that makes it unnecessary for the constitution to be formally amended every time change is needed. An example is the judiciary act of 1789.

True or false six states has approved the constitution before it was effective?


What happens if the Union Legislature makes an act against the provisions of the Indian Constitution?

The Constitution will be amended

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