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A darkened film that is put over your windows similar to the stuff on sunglasses.

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Q: What makes tinted windows?
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When was Tinted Windows - band - created?

Tinted Windows - band - was created in 2009.

Which of these is most likely to deter the theft of your vehicle?

tinted windows

What colors can a person get when installing tinted windows?

The laws for tinted windows vary depending on where you live, but tinted window colors are usually black or silver. You may also choose to get your windows tinted other colors as well, but they are not as common.

Do the 1996 ford windstar gl's come with tinted windows as standard or optional?

Tinted windows were an option

What part of speech is tinted?

Tinted is a verb (past tense of tint) and an adjective (tinted windows).

Is tinted an adjective?

Tinted can be an adjective. For instance, "Laura got a ticket for the excessive opacity of her tinted windows."

Can you have tinted windows in California?


Are tinted windows illegal in Pennsylvania?

Well in Washington state I know that with tinted windows they need to have at least 35% light

If a car has tinted windows what will happen to the light?

Well, since the sunlight or any light gets on tinted windows, the less tinted(or darkness will show.) So, that will conclude that it NOT bend light or (refract.) And it will NOT transmit. It will also NOT be reflected. It will be absorbed. Tinted windows absorb light. :D

Why is having tinted front windows in Vermont illegal?

It makes it hard to see through so it may cause accidents.

Do tinted car windows reflect?


Are the driver and passenger windows the only ones that are not supposed to be tinted?

you can have tinted windows on the driver and passenger seats, i`ve seen many cars that do

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