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What materials are stored in plants?

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How is fat stored in plants?

fat stored in plants are stored in oils

What converted plants into chemical energy?

Nothing. Plants are not "converted" into chemical energy, their materials contain stored solar energy in the form of chemical energy.

What is cellulose stored as in plants?

Cellulose is stored in the cell walls of plants as structural support.

Where materials are stored in a cell?

The materials stored in a cell are many. Depending on the type of cell you are looking at, there are different materials stored. Some examples of what might be stored in a cell are, proteins, carbohydrates, lipids, and nucleotides. Of course, there are many, many others as well.

What is the source of the chemical energy stored in plants?

The source of chemical energy stored in plants is glucose

Plants also have a system for BLANK Materials?

what is the answer to which materials come from plants???????????

How chemical energy is formed and stored in green plants?

chemical energy is formed and stored in green plants,products produce and how they are ultimately stored

What is the stored form of carbohydrate in plants and animals respictively?

In plants the carbohydrate is stored in the form of nonsoluble starch and in animals it is stored in the form of glycogen.

Saclike structure that stores materials for use by the cell?

A saclike structure where materials are stored to be use by the cell is called a vacuole. Plants, fungal cells, animals, bacteria, and few protist cells has vacuole.

How are the major polymers stored in plants and animals?

The major polimer stored in plants is starch, and in animals is glycogen.

How do organism utilize the stored energy from green plants?

how do organisms utilize the stored energy from green plants

How do plants get raw materials?

The plants get raw materials from soil, air and sun.

Where is chlorophyll stored in plants?


What types of substances are stored by plants?

starch is one substance stored in plants because starch is not osmotically active

What is the function of stored foods in plants?

Stored food is used in plants so that food is there for when the new plant is growing

How do animals use the suns energy stored in plants?

They eat the energy that is stored in plants, and some other animals eat the animals that eat the plants.

How are decomposers helpful to plants?

Decomposers (fungi and bacteria), help to break down dead plant and animal materials, in so doing they release the nutrients stored in chemical bonds back to the soil where they can be utilised by plants

What two materials are stored in bones?

Calcium and phosphorus are minerals stored inside our bones.

Who first used plants to make materials?

who first used plants to make materials

Where do animals and plants get materials they need?

Both animals & plants get there raw materials from the sunlight! :)

A type of sugar stored by plants?

Glucose is stored in starch molecules.

What does stored food in a plant called?

Starch is food that plants is stored

Where are food reserves stored in plants?

Plants, leaves, and roots.

Where do plants get their food after the seed leaves fall?

Stored energy. plants are always doing photosynthesis. it gets stored for the winter.

How is starch stored in plants?

Plant starch begins as glucose. Starch in plants is stored in the leaves in the chloroplasts. Not all plants store food in the form of starch.